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It’s time to do NOTHING.

Okay, after writing this post it’s time to do nothing. Have you ever been really busy? I bet you have! Everyone seems to have the disease of what they call ‘busy’ lately. Don’t you think? You: ‘How are you?’. Your friend: ‘Gosh, I’m so busy… I am SO busy… I just have SO much going on!’. Uh, yeah. Today I was that kind of friend, I guess. Not only have I been writing posts, shooting new looks, looking for inspiration, rearranging my closet, I’ve also been busy packing clothes for tomorrow (I’ll tell you later in a bit). During busy times like these, I’m always trying out new things to keep my productivity high. And recently, actually today, I started making appointments with myself to do nothing. To do nothing?! I know, doing nothing feels like the complete opposite of being productive, but after I’ve tried it today, I can tell you it actually brings you more benefits than you might think. I unplugged from the Internet for half an hour, went to a quite place in my house and took this time to zone out. Completely zone out. Meditating actually, focussing on breathing in and breathing out. And it really worked! The train of thoughts in my head slowed down and I was able to do nothing but doing nothing. And as the evening with my Macbook on my lap passes by, I was wondering, do you invest time in doing nothing? If so, how do you do it? And do you do it often?

P1210655 sunset Arnhem

So guys, I’m catching up on some sleep in a minute or two. I’ll be in Amsterdam at De IJhallen tomorrow (the biggest flea market of Europe), where my mother and I will be selling clothes, shoes and accessories for a bargain. We’ve been packing loads – uh, LOADS – of stuff, so if you’re around, feel free to drop by :) Would really like to meet you out there! Happy weekend anyway lovelies.

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  • http://www.lookwhatigot.co.uk Jess

    My goodness! I need to do this. .I’m always busy and always exhausted.


  • http://www.stylestories.nl Hilde

    Wauw, wat zie jouw site er ontzettend mooi uit zeg!! Leuk dat je je kleren bij de IJ hallen gaat verkopen, is het goed gegaan? X

  • http://www.thedutchcountryside.com The Dutch countryside

    Absolutely love this post! Good ideas:)

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