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What’s your favorite day of the week?

I don’t have a particular favorite day of week. In fact, I love any day when the weather is fine and I have something to look forward too. For me, Sunday is a day to recharge my batteries and prepare myself for the following week. But also a day to spend quality time with my loved ones, sit back and lay in with my jogging pants, preferably all day. A little blogging here and there, a lot of tea, a little chitchatting, a little cooking. Nothing fancy, just chilling; that’s how I like to spend my Sunday’s. How about you?

blogger event UPRPH by Ilsoo van Dijk & .

Anyway, as for today I’d like to share my #UPRDIGITALSEEDS adventures with you guys. #UPRDIGITALSEEDS is the format of the bloggers event hosted by UPR (uh, what’s in the name?) twice a year. This was the very first time I was attending. And now I did, it makes total sense to me that many influencers return to this event each semester. In a nutshell, #UPRDITITALSEEDS is about establishing a two-way conversation between brands and online influencers like me. It stands for producing and creating new possibilities, like flowers grow out of seeds the internet offers same possibilities for brands. #triviaoftheday. This event is the perfect way to reconnect with brands and discover brands you’re not already (that) familiar with.


At 10 AM the S/S2015 tour started at, a new Dutch clothing brand located at the Kalverstraat 177. After strolling around for a bit and having some ‘loeilekkere yoghurt‘ – not for me, since I’m lactose intolerant – a representative of guided us through their latest collection. It’s all about simplicity at The brand offers indispensable essentials to wear again and again in their ‘everyday styles‘, which are complemented by their latest finds in the ‘today section‘.


The company works with the best fabric mills, laundries and suppliers to achieve the premium styles for affordable prices. I’ve noticed they also offer a great selection of accessories and other small things like notebooks and high-quality leather wallets.

P1220850 P1220851 P1220852 P1220854

After experiencing, it was time to hop on to the second store, which was a very colorful one: TOMS. You might know TOMS from their shoes. I was surprised to see that besides shoes, they offer a wide range of bags, sunglasses and other accessories. All created and sold within the TOMS philosophy.


One for One® it is. That all started when traveller Blake Mycoskie visited Argentina in 2006. He noticed the hardships faced by children growing up without shoes. His solution for the problem was simple, yet revolutionary: to create a for-profit business that was sustainable and not reliant on donations. Blake Mycoskie’s vision soon turned into the simple business idea that provided the powerful foundation for TOMS: One for One®. I was thrilled to hear that TOMS now has given more than 35 million pairs of shoes to children in need and has helped restore sight to over 250,000 people. Isn’t that great?

P1220861 P1220869 P1220873 P1220878 P1220879

Besides the beautiful story behind this brand, I loved the total ambiance and laid-back vibe of their store. Not to mention the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

P1220887 P1220889 P1220893

Then, our next stop was MARC O’POLO. In their store a little runway show was waiting for us, with three gorgeous women showing us their latest collection. MARC O’POLO clearly has a preference for natural materials and neutral colors.

P1220897 P1220905 P1220909 P1220912 P1220914 P1220917

I really loved the refined character of everything in the MARC O’POLO store. Swedes do better.


After some delicious drinks and bites (again!), we made our way to DR. MARTENS. DR. MARTENS is a British footwear and clothing brand, which also makes a range of accessories (shoe care products, clothing, luggage, et cetera). You might know their footwear is distinguished by its air-cushioned sole, upper shape, welted construction and yellow stitching.

P1220957P1220922 P1220924 P1220930

This season it’s all about the tattoo and Hawaï print for DR. MARTENS. You’ll see those prints in a major part of their collection right now.

P1220938 P1220939 P1220940 P1220947 P1220949 P1220953 P1220954 P1220958 P1220966 P1220975 P1220981 P1220987 P1230001 P123000311045396_921017897942565_5631709379352840841_nPH by Ilsoo van Dijk & .

After all these cute booties, it was time for some mascara talk at MAC. We all make a big to-do about finding the best mascara, don’t we? It’s so difficult to find that one mascara that provides the perfect length and volume, isn’t it? I now know that part of the problem might lie in how I currently swipe my mascara on my lashes. To get your eye lashes to their full potential, you can’t just swipe mascara on the ends. You just can’t. It’s really all about using the technique to ‘wiggle’ the mascara wand to really hit the roots and give lashes that extra lift. Thank you MAC, Frederique applies mascara 2.0 is born.

P1230026 P1230029 P1230030

After some great tips and a brand new mascara (i.e. the extreme dimension lash mascara), it was time to go to (TIME, haha) watch manufacturer Swatch. We were welcomed with a bunch of delicious cake pops – which I totally forgot to picture for you guys! – and some very happy looking, colorful new collections. I really fell in love with these items below from their Spring Breeze collection, a new delicate, classy collection of watches. So gorgeous!


After a stroll around, we had the chance of winning one of the newest SWATCH watches ourselves. Too bad, I didn’t win.

P1230035 P1230039

Last but not least, it was time to visit WE FASHION and fuel our bodies with some yummy sandwiches and healthy smoothies. After this shopping tour of almost three hours and a morning full of impressions, I was more than happy with a break. Of course, I couldn’t resist making food pictures for you guys 😉

P1230044 P1230047 P1230051 P1230053

All filled up, we got to know everything about WE FASHION’s latest Blue Ridge campaign and their take on current denim trends. Blue Ridge is a denim label from WE Fashion. The collection is based on casual and trend-driven pieces, designed to be worn in a dressed up, metropolitan way. If you have any time left, you should take look at their on Pinterest. A hell lot of great denim inspo on there!


After a LONG but satisfying day in the city of Amsterdam, I went back home to Arnhem, looking back on an awesome day with great brands and lovely people! I hope you enjoyed reading my report. If you have anything to share with me on or off topic, please leave your comment below. Big kiss to you ♡

11026004_921014421276246_234934059046971764_nPH by Ilsoo van Dijk & .

10341553_921021871275501_7745117352458473610_nPH by Ilsoo van Dijk & .

All pictures in this post are made by me, unless stated otherwise.

  • Willie

    Ziet er heel gezellig uit! Die panterprint Docs zijn gaaf!
    X Wilmke

    • FAB le Frique

      Ja het was ook heel gezellig :) Ik vond die panter prints ook zo tof! :) Lekker zomers ook! x

  • Eline

    Wat een gave ervaring Frederique! Ben je hiervoor gevraagd of uitgenodigd? Je post is ontzettend duidelijk en I love alle foto’s! X

    • FAB le Frique

      Thanks lieverd! Ja, ik was hiervoor uitgenodigd door UPR. Was echt ontzettend leuk om me te mogen maken :) Fijne week! X

  • Alexandra

    Jaa, het was superleuk! :) Ik had mijn camera alleen niet mee, haha 😉 Was leuk je weer even gezien te hebben!

    xx Alex //

    • FAB le Frique

      Oh, jammer! Jaa was leuk! :) xx

  • Alexa Land

    heel erg leuk dat je erbij kon zij!

    • FAB le Frique

      Ja 😀

  • Anshul Bhargava

    Wow…that must have been an amazing event! I mean, you got to learn so so much, plus I am soo glad you shared it with us! :) I didn’t know about TOM’s story behind the one-for-one! And wow…that’s really super sweet and generous! :) And then omg..those Doc Martens..those rainbow ones…those are to die for!! Gosh!! I mean…this was such a fun-filled post with so much to learn from!! ^_^

    • FAB le Frique

      Thanks for letting me know, Anshul. It was a great event indeed :) I really liked being able to get to know the story behind the brands. We’ll keep in touch babe! X Frederique

  • wendy

    Leuke gedaan babe! <3


    • FAB le Frique

      Dankjewel Wen! :)

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    Great post!

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