New in: Zebra MAG Megamoks

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These are new, my friends.

Like, seriously brand new in the collection of MAG Footwear and super fresh in my shoe collection: the Megamok 4001GXL in a special zebra print edition. I’m in love! Are you familiar with MAG footwear yet? Trust me, from personal experience I know that MAG shoes guarantee you great walking and exceptional quality. I’ve had MAG buddies for years myself when I was in high school and you know what: they are back! Back for real in terms of fashion, mainly due to the outsole of the shoe. The outsoles of most MAG shoes are made out of a specific rubber flatform-like design. Which is super trending as you might know. Besides that nostalgia and style, MAG is brand that is well-knowned for comfort. MAG is pricey but awesome for your feet, they really walk like H-E-A-V-E-N.


Take a look here yourself if you’re interested. I’m really curious of what you guys think of the design I’ve picked! Like it? And do you have any tips for me styling it this week? Get your tips for me out here below. Meanwhile, I’m off to bed soon and will TTYT. Cheerio! x

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  • Eline

    Ahhh wat zijn ze gaaf!! Ik kan niet wachten om ze in je komende outfit posts te zien! X

    • FAB le Frique

      Ja, gaaf he! :) Fijne dag vandaag! x

  • Alexa Land

    ze zijn onwijs mooi! ben benieuwd hoe je ze gaat dragen!

    • FAB le Frique

      Dankjewel :) hihi, ik ook nog, maar loop ze nu in en echt, deze schoenen zitten zalig! Zeer zeker het geld waard. Ga ik nog vele shopping experiences op beleven, verwacht ik zo 😉

  • Mimi

    Oh mijn god, Mags ! Dat waren echt mijn all time favourit schoenen in de lente, zomer en winter op de middelbare school ! Fantastisch dat die nog bestaan! En inderdaad, ze lopen geweldig. Leuk !

    • FAB le Frique

      Ja, leuk he!! Ik ben er ook zo enthousiast over! Heb je ze nu nog, Mimi?

  • Tirateladimeno

    amazing shoes!

    • FAB le Frique

      Thank you, dear :) x happy weekend!

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