My daily make-up routine

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My naturel, simple make-up routine

On request (via Instagram) I’d like to tell you guys a little more about my current daily make-up routine.

Frederiques eye

1.  After the shower, the first thing I use is some lip balm to moisturize my lips and a little dot of moisturizer from Clinique (this one). I used to use all kinds of different creams and moisturizers, mostly budget options or what was on promotion, because I didn’t want to spend too much on skin care. Last Spring though my skin got worse (again..) and I decided to check out a cosmetics store for some professional advice and got this Clinique fluid. Ever since I started using it my skin has gotten so much better! I don’t even use foundation most of the time, just because my skin looks so healthy right now. A big shout-out to my dermatologist for this great accomplishment as well. If you have any questions on my experience on that topic, let me know and I’ll try my best to answer them. I’ve had quite a bit of (genetic) acne over the years, but finally found a way to beat it! Again, thanks to a great dermatologist, great medicine AND the above-mentioned moisturizer! Bad skin can really affect your self-confidence and your emotional and mental well-being.

2.  Back to my routine however. I have to say, I don’t leave the house without a dot of BB-cream under my eyes. Also when it comes to foundations and other cover-ups, I’ve tried a bunch of different products and brands over the years. My all-time favorite is Garnier’s Skin Naturals BB-cream (in the color ‘light’). Most times I blend it out with a small stippling brush (like this one), but if I’m in a hurry and I want to leave the house ASAP (or I’m at my bf’s place, haha), I just use my finger tips to gently cover up my eye-area. If I want to cover a bit more, I use my Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Beauty Booster with SPF 30. It creates a perfect complexion thanks to the combination of five actions: hydration, protection, radiance, correction and an even skin tone. Imperceptible and subtly tinted, it blends in like a second skin to reveal the natural perfection of your complexion. The skin tone becomes invisible, like clinging ‘lingerie’. Hence the name of this BB-cream.

3.  When I have a flawless make-up basis (less is more, remember!), I continue with my brows. I’ve used many eyebrow liners over the years, but nothing beats my eyebrow kit from Guerlain (this one). It’s really worth the money girls! It structures and stylises your brows for a super tailored yet natural look, thanks to its three powders, a highlighter and a double applicator. Great thing also is that’s designed to adapt to all tones, just blend the three universal colors (light, medium, dark) together to create your right shade. The slightly pearly beige highlighter is swept on under the brow line to gloss the brows while making the eyes look bigger. These evanescent hybrid textures adjust over and over, allowing for wet & dry application on a whim

4.  Eyes. All eyes on me s’il vous plaît! I’ve never been a fan of eyeshadow that much actually, but I tend to use it quite often however lately. Quite contradictory. I’ve discovered using some different kind of salmon-pinkish eyeshadows on my crease (currently a bunch from L’oreàl) make my eyes really pop out like bam! Uh, I mean: LIKE BAM! Next is eye-liner. I don’t like to use too dark eyeliners since I want my look to appear naturel and simple. Naturel beauty is all I want in the end. I often use a gold glitter liner from Essence (for the Dutchies: te koop bij Kruidvat) which I got for only 2 EUR or so and lasts me like forever. I only apply it on my upper eyelids, just a tiny line of glitter to sparkle up my look. Last but not least: mascara. Currently I’m using this one. Maybelline is one of my favorite mascara brands for sure! On a daily basis I only use one layer of mascara and only on my upper lashes.

5.  Then, cheeky cheeky time. Many people ask me what kind of blush I use. Actually I use two of them: first I use a bronzing powder from Rimmel high on my cheeks (this one, which you can only buy online or abroad) and after that I use my favorite pink blush from Chanel (this one) on the apples of my cheeks. It has a nice shiny, but not too shiny finish. This is again one of my all-time favorite beauty products!

6.  To finish of my look, I use some lipgloss. Lately I’m obsessed with this one from Stila. It has this beautiful intense, satin shimmer finish and is available in seven shades. I like the color ‘kitten’ the most. It stays on for hours!

7.  Oh, and then for my hair the only thing I do is put a little Moroccan Oil in it at times. It’s all I need really, makes my hair less dry, more shiny and in control, and softer as well. Last but not least: Black Opium from Yves Saint Lauren, the perfect perfume for a classy, slightly mysterious smell!

I hope that answers your questions! It’s not a super interesting make-up story maybe but I just prefer to spend my money on fashion, more than on expensive make-up or skin-care. Do you spend a lot of money on beauty? Do you have some discoveries you can’t live without anymore? And, oh, let me know if you have any questions on my make-up routine, my acne experience, my nail polish obsession, or any other questions really.Find all products I use (and shop them within seconds) in my side bar (a.k.a the widget area) here on FAB le Frique babes. Enjoy your day!

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  • Karen

    ik gebruik de lingerie de peau ook, echt zalig. Ik heb ook vaak problemen met instekingen en rood op m’n huid.

    • Frederique

      Oh! Wat grappig. Ik ken niet veel mensen die hem ook gebruiken. Je bent eigenlijk de eerste, hihi! Ik vond het zelf echt zo’n goede ontdekking. Het kost even wat, maar dan heb je ook wat!

  • Eline

    Jij hebt echt de perfecte ‘no makeup look’. I love it!

    • Frederique

      Aw dankjewel cutie, lief! :)

  • elmundooo

    Love this look ….clean …simple and perfect for everyday <3

    • Frederique

      Thank you darling!

  • himanshi

    Clinique is my fav toooo… kisses from India


    • Frederique

      Clinique is great! Kisses to you girl!

  • Shauna

    Thanks for sharing with us!! I am a huge fan of the BB cream and lip balm too! :)


    • Frederique

      :) You mean the one from Granier or the one from Guerlain? x

  • Julie

    Cool post! Love the tips.
    Julie |

    • Frederique

      Thanks Julie for letting me know you find this post helpful :) xx

  • Dania

    Your beauty routine is absolutely perfect!
    Lots of kisses.


    • Frederique

      Thanks for commenting Dania. Is it? Well, thank you, hihi :) xxxxxx Have a great evening!

  • Anonymous

    Hello girl! Thanks so much for sharing your beauty routine and I sincerely loved it very much. You are super beautiful by the way! I am a big fan of BB creams. I am super interested in the brow kit you use from Guerlain. I am always trying to make my eyebrows look better. Thanks for sharing and visiting my blog. I will follow you on IG, tweeter on FB (with my personal account) so look for me!!!! Have a blessed week!

    • Frederique

      Thank you for commenting Jeannette, so kind of you! I’ll certainly look for you and follow you back :) The Guerlain brow kit is SOOOO worth the money! I also like the fact that it comes in with a mirror in it too. Makes it so easy to fix your brows on-the-go. Love it! We’ll keep in touch! x

  • Walkyria

    Adorei sua rotina de beleza, estou amando o blog, beijos!
    Canal no Youtube:

  • Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    As someone who doesn’t wear makeup at all, I feel like this is a lot of products for every day use (though it could be less than most people use for their daily beauty routine). I don’t know how you have time to apply it all! But I love how effortless and natural your look is :) I’d love to know more about your skincare routine! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • Frederique

      Thank you for your feedback Audrey. It might seem like a lot of work in mornings, but actually it takes me less than 5 minutes. I’m not such a perfectionist I guess ;) Thank you for letting me know you’re interested in knowing more about my skincare routine. I’ll make a note of it and will make sure it’s in my content calendar soon. Have a great day sweetie! x

  • Mel

    Thanks for sharing! You look so pretty

    • Frederique

      And thank YOU for sharing that Mel! Enjoy your day! x

  • libys11

    great makeup routine. simple and natural looking!! :D

    Animated Confessions

    • Frederique

      Thank you girl!

  • Anshul

    Thank you for sharing your routine, sweetie! I, too, am a fan of BB creams and just like you, I cant leave my house without it! :)

    • Frederique

      Thank you for visiting my blog Anshul :) Means a lot to me! Have a great day!

  • MilanoTime

    Incredibly amazing dear <3
    Wish you a great day!
    New post on my blog:

    • Frederique

      Thanks girl! :) And thank you for visiting my blog :) x

  • Orly

    Wat een mooie look! Hele mooie lay-out van je blog ook! xx

    • Frederique

      Dankjewel Orly, wat lief! :) Heb jij ook een blog? Liefs! x Frederique

  • Nicole

    Heel erg leuk artikel. Super leuk om te lezen ook!

    • Frederique

      Dankjewel Nicole, wat leuk om te horen! :)

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