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Oh, that day again!

Yes, it’s that day again. Monday. Just a casual outfit for today, updated with a pair of badass glasses and the pair of zebra kicks you’ve already met on the blog. So I’d rather call it Megamok Monday 😉 Oh, and I did something else with my hair for a change. Kiddin’, haha. I’ve been wanting to dye the tips of my hair for a long time now though, but seriously, I’ve never dyed it before. I’m so retarded! I might be giving it a go this April. I’ll share some of my hairspiration with you in the upcoming days, cause I need you to help me out! How are you guys doing on this Monday morning? Hope you’re doing great! Life has been zooming by so quickly this weekend! Suddenly it’s Monday. This morning I was like: WHAT?! Mother Nature, seriously, why are you making the sun shine today instead of this weekend? Why are you doing this to us? Anyway, it’s a great start of the week. #amIcomplaining? #Iamnevercomplaining

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Here’s what I’m wearing:
– NEW LOOK – Tailored jogger (look over here)
– SUBDUED* – Cropped high-neck rib tee (here)
– VINTAGE – Cardigan (sorry guys, I couldn’t find a similar one you..)
– POLETTE* – Vogue B shades (here)
– MAG footwear* – Zebra Megamoks (get them here)
Items with * were gifted to me.

Oh, before I leave: I’m working on part 2 of the Q&A (read part 1 here), hope you’re patient with me. Have a rocking Monday babes!

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  • AF

    I really like yopur boots!!

    • FAB le Frique

      Thank you, dear! :)

  • Loïs

    Gave bril! Mooie foto’s weer meid! X

    • FAB le Frique

      Dankjewel! Ik vond het ook wel een leuk model, opvallend en stoer, maar toch ook vrouwelijk door de pootjes!

  • Lynne kayenne

    Love your sunglasses

    • FAB le Frique

      Thanks Lynne :)

  • Lauren –

    Mooie foto’s lief!

    • FAB le Frique

      Thank you lieverd :)

  • Francesca Giagnorio

    Totally in love with this outfit



    • FAB le Frique

      Thank you, Francesca

  • Mel

    Awesome outfit and pictures

    • FAB le Frique

      Thanks, Mel!

  • Grietje

    Love the outfit!

    • FAB le Frique

      Thank you dear

  • Jane Khodos

    Love those shoes babe! You are so chic!

    xx Jane

    • FAB le Frique

      Aw, that’s so kind of you! And thanks for reaching out to me. We’ll keep in touch! x

  • Joy

    Superleuke outfit! Vooral de broek vind ik ook erg mooi <3


    • FAB le Frique

      Hi Joy! Dankjewel! De broek is van Newlook (via ASOS) en helemaal niet zo duur :)

  • Esmeralda Attema

    Aah mags, die moest en zou ik hebben vroeger haha grappig om ze weer terug te zien. Nice pictures. Xx

    • FAB le Frique

      I know!! Zo lekker old-school :) xx

  • comemoda

    Leuke foto’s hoor. I love your pants

    • Frederique



ZEBRA. A pop of zebra is coming…