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Hej good-looking boys and girls! ♥ Have you made it to the store for the Alexander Wang x H&M collection?

I haven’t, neither offline, nor online. I honestly do like quite a bunch of Wang’s items, but I’m not that type of person who likes to walk around in something everybody else is already wearing. Plus: I need to save money for the party season which is coming closer and closer. Plus: I was planning on doing other stuff this morning. Plus: I’m just too lazy for these kind of events ;) Anyway, anyhow, as for today I wanted to share you some of my adventures in Rotterdam last weekend. As you may know my mom and I went to the Beauty & Business fair. This fair was all about discovering new brands, technologies and systems and breathing traveling, sports and lifestyle. I have to say, the ambiance was breathtaking. Beautiful fresh flowers everywhere, well-dressed people, nice lightning and lovely live music. After strolling around I am happy to share my favorite fashion and accessories discoveries with you today!

P1150228 P1150226P1150292

While entering the beautiful ‘Hulstkamp Gebouw‘ we immediately had a delicious drink and a second later we spotted the most amazing Fiat 500 with the cutest eyelashes I’ve ever seen. We’ve been told to get a pretty smooth deal if we bought ourselves a Fiat, but watching and touching the cute lashes was just enough.

P1150208P1150207After some lifestyle we experienced this new jewelry brand which is called LS Jewels. It is made by Erika Bezooijen.

P1150292 P1150290 P1150286

It was so much fun talking to Erika and see her following her passion creativity. I also really liked everything from Oorbellen by Marthje. Another girls’ collection which immediately caught our attention was the lovely Tatjana from Bra Fashion.

P1150249Oh, you really want to wear these bras on the streets, they’re just too cute to be hidden underneath your clothes. Since Tatjana also sold some beautiful limited edition clothing, I totally went for one of her items, which is this cute pencil skirt below. And I promise, I’ll be shooting a look with this babe for you guys soon!


So well, why not give you another bit of impression of last Saturday’s scenery..

P1150112P1150237P1150320P1150224P1150234P1150263P1150252P1150240P1150221P1150218P1150298 P1150296P1150280 P1150276 P1150274 P1150270 P1150268 P1150209P1150304So this was it for today. Thanks to the Beauty & Business fair for having me, and who knows, maybe until a next time! Have a great day loves ♥


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  • natasha

    Wat gaaf dat je daar bent geweest, het klinkt zo gaaf allemaal!

    Liefs x

    • Frederique

      Ja, het was ook echt super leuk! :) Was jij er ook? Of niet? Liefs!!!

  • Sandra – More Style Than Fashion

    Hey je was in Rotterdam ;)
    Ziet er leuk uit zo’n fair!

    x Sandra

    • Frederique

      I know babe, I know! :) Hoe staat het ervoor met de voorbereidingen voor maandag?? :) :D

  • Veronika

    Super leuk! Bedankt voor de mooie foto’s!

    • Frederique

      You’re welcome Veronika!

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