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Easter is about to start! Are you guys ready? Before you might be literally eating yourself an egg baby, I present you a brand new ‘How to’ post in my FAB talent series. Remember, if you want to enter the FAB Talent Room yourself, feel free to write me an e-mail (), tell me your ideas on a ‘How to’ post and why I should pick you!

HOW TO: make a collage in Polyvore.

Hi readers of FAB le Frique! I’m very happy Frederique gave me this opportunity to write a guest article on her blog! Let me quickly introduce myself to you. My name is Anouk, I’m a student retail business management, I’m currently 21 y/o and I’ve been following Frederique’s blog for approximately half a year now. For the longest time, I’ve been in love with everything fashion and since the beginning of 2014 I have my own little place on the internet – FAJEZ, a blog about fashion and style. Normally I blog in Dutch, but with a little help from Frederique, I’m writing in English for you guys today!

make a collage, Polyvore

On my blog you can find a ‘How to style’ post nearly every week. Previous posts have been on ‘How to style Adidas pants‘ and ‘How to style Nike Airmax‘. After posting those articles, people asked me how I make the style collages with the white background and if it was difficult to create them. Believe me, it’s not difficult at all and I’ll tell you guys how to create them. I hope you find my tutorial helpful.

1.     First off, you need to have an actual idea of what you want to make. What is the clothing item you want to write a style post about? Black leather skirts? Fringe jackets? Whenever something pops up that might be something for a style collage, I make sure to write it down. Then, when I feel like creating I just pick one from my list. As you can see from the finished products above and below, I chose to go for a collage about shorts this time.

2.     Next up: go to Polyvore (www.polyvore.com) and register, if you haven’t yet.

3.     Click the create button and then the fun part begins! Search the Polyvore database, find yourself cool items that are within your style, place them in your collage and don’t forget to make it all look super pretty and well-put-together.

4.     Once you’re ready and you’ve saved your collage, you can open it in Photoshop or any other photo editing program and add your logo to it, if you wish. That’s something I always do, since this makes others less willing to copy-paste your creation on their website as their own.


I like Polyvore a lot, due to its simplicity and its endless possibilities. Also the white background is just great, it makes your creation look so professional, like straight from a magazine or so. I hope this post helped you in any way, guys! I’m really curious if you guys use Polyvore too! And if so, please share the links of your creations below. We’ll be pleased to take a look! Until next time, Anouk (from FAJEZ).

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  • http://www.janekhodos.com/ Jane Khodos

    Love this black and whire outfit!
    xx Jane

    • https://fablefrique.com FAB le Frique

      Thanks, babe! :)

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