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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. As for today I wanted to share some of my adventures in The Hague the day before yesterday.

As you might have noticed, I went to the grand opening of Shoeby’s new flagship store (Vlamingstraat 18, The Hague). This exclusive invite only event was all about discovering Shoeby and breathing their newest store, which is the largest Shoeby of The Netherlands. I have to say, the total ambiance was truly astonishing. Gorgeous clothing, beautiful fresh flowers everywhere (yes, fellow blogger babe Larissa, if you ever read this, I’m a ‘bloemen meisje‘), well-dressed people, live music, delicious drinks and bites and so many things to explore. After a tremendous evening I’m happy to share my adventures with you!

Shoeby flagshipstore openingP1170084


First things first: drinks! Champagne, what else?!

Shoeby flagshipstore opening

People everywhere!

P1170123P1170169P1170115P1170104 P1170105

A glimpse of their newest collection


Besides drinks, everything was perfectly arranged food-wise. Spoiled. Me likey like..

P1170103drinks and bites

After strolling around and some drinks and bites, there suddenly was mister Fred van Leer (non-Dutchies: he is a stylist, TV-host and above all one of the funniest persons in Dutch fashion) to officially welcome us all.



Dorhout Mees Shoeby

A little later we went upstairs to discover more about Shoeby. Here you see the one and only Esther Dorhout Mees. She designed five gorgeous (and super exclusive) dresses for Shoeby, which are only available on the Vlamingstraat in The Hague.

P1170138 P1170136 P1170135

The store is full of innovation, which makes shopping at Shoeby a true experience. Personal shoppers are ready for all your fashion questions slash styling advice and there’s an atelier on the third floor where you can see what it’s like behind the clothes you purchase.

Blogger winner

Hej, that’s ME! If you follow me on you might have seen me posting about winning this gorgeous dress below from the Esther Dorhout Mees x Shoeby collection. I was still on the second floor strolling around and suddenly I heard Fred van Leer saying: ‘And the winner is: Frederique from FAB le Frique‘. AAAAAAH! WHAT?! THAT’S ME! So I ran downstairs like crazy and was totally flabbergasted! It was like I had this sort of black-out, really overexcited, and I didn’t know what he was talking about. ‘A what? A designer dress? For me?’  A little later I went upstairs with Esther Dorhout Mees to pick my dress. Me = happiest girl alive :)


So well, why not give you another bit of impression of last Friday’s scenery.. It’s Sunday. Sunday’s are for snaps ;)

P1170155P1170159Good to know: their new store consists of four floors – 750 square feet of shopping fun (which is about four times larger than the average Shoeby store)

P1170097 P1170095 P1170094P1170172

With Esther, my fellow blogger babe :)

P1170096 P1170093P1170152Another fun fact: before or after shopping you can get into Shoeby’s fashion cafe for a snack slash drink. You can find their cafe on the third floor.

P1170092 P1170091P1170111

I loved this wall print, so PRET-TY!


Shoeby definitely knows how to spoil! All of us got a bunch of goodies. And, YES, pictures please! More! More! All of us bloggers love to capture ;)


So I guess this was it for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed this recap of my adventures and I’d like to thank Shoeby again for having me, spoiling me and making me feel like a true princess in my gorgeous dress!


Have a great Sunday loves ♥ Take it easy!


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  • Lauren

    Looks like it was an amazing event! Great quality pictures too :) xx

    • Frederique

      Thank you sweet! I’ve had a great time and I was beyond happy to win that dress hihi

  • Dionne

    Ziet er echt super leuk uit! Zo jammer dat ik er niet bij kon zijn..

    • Frederique

      Oh, ja inderdaad heel jammer! Was je wel uitgenodigd?? :( :S

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