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Here it is: the last day of 2014

Like always, besides this being the perfect time to reflect on all the richness this year was filled with, it’s also the perfect time to come up with some New Year’s resolutions. I know, New Year’s resolutions are so cliché. I almost can’t stand writing about them. But the truth is, when a new year rolls around, it’s nice to take stock and see what you could start doing differently. The usual suspects here are lifestyle related resolutions (for myself: considering getting vegan, getting fit, meditating more often, et cetera) which are often overzealous and set up for failure. So this year I’m boosting myself up with 5 doable style-related resolutions and I’m sharing them with you!

pink trousers

First off: (1) define my personal style. Personal style is an elusive beast at best. Besides the fact that it’s ever evolving, I’m sure even experts like me (haha) are likely to appreciate a handful of different styles. This year I would like to trim down which one of these truly speaks to me. And discover the particular look that matches my most fashionable self. Of course I’ll keep you guys updated on this matter.

Second: go for (2) quality, less quantity. Might seem obvious, but for myself this is so hard to stick to. It’s not easy trying to save up money for a few good pieces when places like H&M, ASOS and Boohoo come with such good and on trend clothing every week (or even every day). I’m however very determined to up my cost-per-wear average by investing more in quality, forever pieces and far less in trendy cheap pieces that get worn a couple of times. And change starts with determination, right?

Then: (3) keeping my wardrobe up to date. A couple of weeks ago I had my wardrobe ‘managed’, which meant being honest about what I was actually wearing and getting rid of the rest. This however requires maintenance and my resolution is to keep this up in 2015. Refolding those piles of jumpers and t-shirts again, hanging everything in the right place, storing bags and shoes in a way that makes them immediately visible and accessible (gosh, I really need to get this thing done!), cleaning up dirty clothing within a week, and selling or giving away the stuff I’m not wearing.


In line with the 2nd resolution, this year I want to invest in another great (4) every day bag. I’m not sure however if my bank account is ready yet so this one might take a little while to live up to, but it certainly is a resolution since it’ll be so worth the investment. Shop the minty green one here and the white one here.

OK the last one is not really style related but it’s definitely a high on my list: (5) attending fashion week! I need to make this happen in 2015. I need to.

So these were my resolutions. I can’t wait to stick to them and/or fulfill them. Let’s do this! Do you have any resolutions when it comes to style? Tell me! ♡

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  • Fleur

    Wat een fijne doelen en voornemens! Fijne jaarwisseling!

  • Lauren

    I absolutely love this post! I definitely agree with number 2! I always get tempted by H&M but have been getting better at saving for more quality products :) I will be adding that to my New Year’s resolutions! xx

    • Frederique

      Thank you darling :) You def. should be adding that one to your resolutions! :) I hope you can manage to stick to it

  • wendy

    Lucky you you know me because your last resolution I can make it happened for you :P
    App je van de week wel!


    • Frederique

      Oooooh! Dat klinkt leuk!! Ik ben gelee benieuwd! :) :) Wens je het allerbeste voor het nieuwe jaar :) xx

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