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I got my new shoes on and suddenly everything’s right!

Sorry for my online absence today, guys. As you might have been aware of (if not, check my ), I was wearing some brand new babies on my feet today. When it comes to shoes, I like them to be fun, comfy, and stylish, with a huge emphasis on the latter. Finding a pair of shoes that matches all my needs is actually harder than one might think. Sure, I have flats in many colors and yes, I love how my leopard heels make any outfit fabulous, but I needed some shoes in my life that I could walk in all day, but also had a fun, funky vibe to them. And oh, I think I found them today.

cut out ankle boots P1200332 P1200335 P1200336Order them here yourself if you wish. Uh, but hej, back to the online absence. I might have been absent on here, offline I was super busy shooting a ton (a TON!) of new looks for you guys. Thank you dear mommy for being such an excellent photographer again. Can’t wait to show you what we’ve caught on camera for you guys today!

Enjoy your evening and I’ll get back to you tomorrow.

x Frederique

  • Nora

    Wat zijn die gaaf zeg!

    Liefs Nora /

  • Iris

    Tof! :D Ben benieuwd naar de rest trouwens, je maakt me nieuwsgierig!

  • Stephanie Louise

    Oooh I need to get my hands on some cut out shoes! This one looks so perfect. :)

  • Jennifer

    WAUWIE! in loveeee. ze zijn echt te cute!

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