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My confession.

Hi, my name is Frederique, and I have a confession to make: I’m a nail polish addict. OK, ‘addict’ might be too strong – but at last count, I have about 50 different bottles of nail polish hanging around in my dressing room. It’s kind of a disorganized mess and I don’t know which ones are still polishable and which ones should be trashed. But yeah I don’t worry about these kind of things to much. One day I’ll organize my extensive collection and until then I don’t mind. About two weeks ago I discovered a new nail polish brand called ‘Caption‘. Caption is one of the next generation polishes with a so-called LacQ3 Technology. It air dries 3 times faster than traditional nail polish without UV light, wears with gel durability, and removes without soaking. And the thing I like most about the product is that it lasts 2 to 3 times longer than traditional nail polish. To good to be true? No, it’s not! I’ve tried it and I can guarantee you guys it does exactly what it claims! So, how does it work? Well, it’s a system actually. You start with a ‘Base coat‘ (image no. 2 below). This ‘Base coat‘ fortifies the natural nail and it protects it from any potential staining and increases the wear time of your nail polish. Once you’re done adding a thin layer on each nail, you can directly go forward with the ‘Color coat‘ on the first finger you’ve applied your ‘Base coat‘ on. Get it? You see me doing this on image no. 3.

nails1 (1)

Next off is the ‘Top coat‘ (image no. 4). Once you’re done again with your last fingernail, you can directly add that layer of ‘Top coat‘. Remember again, the thinner the layer, the better. Et voila! C’est ca! And oh, if you want to, you can add a little glam to one nail or some nails – or all, it’s your nail party – with a ‘Top effect coat‘ of their range (image no.5) and add a little ‘Top coat‘ again (image no. 6) to give it a smooth finish again! Tell me, have you heard of Caption nail polish yet?

nails2 (1)

The 4 polishes I’m using are: 1). Base coat, 2). Color coat in ‘Clean white. Nothing more‘, 3). Top coat, and 4). Top effect coat in ‘Lustrous violet and silver glitter‘. Find more info on: Happy Friday lovelies! ♡

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