OMM #5: Spring coats

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Spring coats.

Happy Easter, dear hunny bunnies! Bunny_headAs we are indulging ourselves with Easter food (and lots of it), my fashion heart beats fast these days, while thinking of something else.. #fashion #sorrynotsorry Ah, well, what else is new? 😉 It’s spring coats this time. While I was having a private moment (a.k.a. a quick social media session) in between meals yesterday, I couldn’t stop thinking about spring coats. Which spring coat should I get myself this season? Which shape, which color(s), which brand, which fabric? I was quickly visiting Pinterest and immediately dedicated a board to it.

coat1 coat2Find all above pictured coats (and more) on my .

So fellow fashion fabs, what’s next? Right, getting myself that perfect spring coat! One that fits my budget (up to 150 EUR) though, since I cannot afford myself to walk in one of those above. I was wondering, do you have any recommendations for me in terms of shape, color, brand, et cetera? What will suit me best? Feel free to share, any thoughts on spring coats really. Ciao! ♡♡

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  • Sandra – MoreStyleThanFashion

    Leuke inspiratie! Hopelijk heb je heerlijke paasdagen gehad :)


    • Frederique

      Ja zeker :) Jij ook?? :) x slaap lekker!

  • Jane Khodos

    I like this collection of coats! as for me I choose a leather jacket:)
    xx Jane

    • Frederique

      Yeah, I might choose a leather jacket too :) But I’ll keep you guys updated on the spring coat dilemma :)

  • Naomi

    All of these look so so beautiful. I’m looking for an affordable, yet very classy one myself so if you find one, let me know 😉 xo Naomi in Wonderland

    • Frederique

      I’ll certainly let you (guys) know! :)
      We’ll keep in touch!
      x Frederique

  • Anshul Bhargava

    Those coats are gorgeous!!! ^_^ I’d so so want one for myself, but I bet the prices of them would be crazyyyy!!!!! :p

    • Frederique

      I know, I knowwwww :) but also :( due to the terrible prices.. I love almost everything designer but I simply can’t afford it :( :S

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