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As you might have read earlier on my blog,  I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with glasses. As I told you, it’s absolutely awesome that they help me recognize people in public. Without my clear vision everyone basically looks like a faceless blob and I do want to avoid that on a daily basis. So since the age of 12 y/o I wear contact lenses or glasses everyday. And when it comes to the latter: you better have a pretty damn cute pair of glasses, right? Oh yeah. Or a bunch, right? OH YEAH. In this connection, I was more than happy that Polette contacted me to select three pairs of their specs. Polette is well-known on the French market, but they launched in The Netherlands not that long ago. You can read more about their concept here. Their biggest plus definitely is their price. Because Polette doesn’t have any intermediaries, they can keep the price pretty low. Another plus is that there’s really no remarkable difference with any of the more expensive glasses I own. Of course you don’t have a fancy brand name, so if your keen on that, go take a look somewhere else. But overall, considering the price and quality, I’m very pleased with these glasses from Polette. I’m super curious to know your opinion, what do you think of the pair of glasses I’ve ordered and would you purchase glasses online?

P1230066 P1230068 P1230077 P1230079P1230080 P1230082 P1230083P1230087 P1230072P1230089 P1230091 P1230093 P1230095

If you’re interested, click here, here and here to order on of the glasses I’ve got. We’ll meet again soon, lovelies. Good night! :) xx

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  • racheldinh

    Great Frames! Thanks for sharing.

    • FAB le Frique

      You’re welcome dear

  • Zarrah Jane

    Lovely sunglasses

    I love the leopard print


    Check my new post.

    The Bandwagon Chic | | Bloglovin

    • FAB le Frique

      Thanks, zarrah :)

  • Izabela Nair

    Great frames. The first pair really stands out

    • FAB le Frique

      I know! I’ve been wearing it a lot already. You’ll probably see it dropping by soon on the blog :) x

  • Anouk-Fajez

    Prachtig, vooral die met die zwarte met die karteltjes erboven vind ik helemaal wat voor jou! Ben benieuwd hoe hij eruit ziet als je hem op hebt! <33

    • FAB le Frique

      Ja, ik zal het jullie snel laten zien!

  • Alexa Land

    wat zijn ze alle 3 super leuk, ben benieuwd hoe ze je staan!

    • FAB le Frique

      :) Ik laat ze snel zien, denk ik.. :) :) Ik draag de dino bril al wel iedere dag sinds ik hem heb :) hihi

  • Alexandra

    Oeeh, hele leuke brillen heb je gekozen! :)

    xx Alex //

    • FAB le Frique


  • Helena

    Love the leopard sunnies! Might actually buy them.

    • FAB le Frique

      Ah, I’m sure you’ll like them. Keep me up to date on how you like them slash style them :) Enjoy your day, Helena! x

  • Karen – Dressing in Labels

    Die bruine montuur is echt mooi!

    x Karen

    • FAB le Frique

      Dankjewel :) :) Slaap lekker x

  • Zeezster newmee

    Loving the glasses! Thank you for sharing!! I love your blog

    • FAB le Frique

      Thank you for visiting my blog Zeezster :) Hope to welcome you on here soon again!


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