Ulay, Oh

Just wanted to share

I love modern art. And I’ve been wanting to share this video with you guys for so long. But I keep on putting it of since it might be off-topic on this blog. However, since it has been stuck in my head for months and this blog is about what I like and what I enjoy, I came to the point of sharing with you. About a year ago my boyfriend came home and asked me to put away my phone and electronics, and just sit down and watch this video. Trusting him as a fool, I was doing it without any thoughts or beliefs really. Everything about this 3 minute clip touched me so much from within, I cannot even express it in words. The video features the story of performance artist Marina Abramović and her long-lost former lover Frank Uwe Laysiepen (stage name Ulay). The pair’s story also inspired the song itself. You see, back in 2010, Abramović famously presented a 736-hour-and-30-minute piece called The Artist Is Present, in which she remained seated at a table in New York City’s Museum of Modern Art, inviting spectators to come and sit opposite her. On the opening night of the exhibition, Ulay surprised her. The pair hadn’t seen one another since they ended their love affair in the seventies in most dramatic fashion, i.e., by walking the length of China’s Great Wall and meeting in the middle for a final embrace. Just watch this clip yourself, and tell me what you think.


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My name is Frederique and I run this personal style blog. After graduating from law school in April 2014 – University of Utrecht (The Netherlands), exchange: Uppsala (Sweden) and UC Berkeley (USA) – I built FAB le Frique from scratch and decided to spread my lifelong interest in fashion and lifestyle with the world (wide web). Taking a leap of faith, making a career transition, leaving a known and charted career path is scary. But if the only actual obstacle blocking me from doing what I’m truly passionate about is ‘fear’, I hereby conquer my fears and go forward with my passion.