make up routine Estee Lauder

Get up and glow


If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’ve attended many blogger related events over the years. You might remember that one event with Estée Lauder and one of the biggest Dutch beauty bloggers named Masha Feoktistova, also known as Beautygloss. This event was an introduction on how…

moisturizer Frank Body review

Review: Everyday Moisturiser


There’s no such thing as Instagram. It’s packed with great fashion individuals, sharing their stories through pictures. I’m completely guilty of refreshing my feed way too much. And you? Some time ago I got across this skin care brand called Frank Body. I really liked their catchy Instagram page and…

sisley products

Review: Sisley Paris phyto-lip & eye twists


Sisley is a brand that is probably less known than brands like Dior, Chanel and Lancôme. It’s a French company that develops skin care and makeup products and also has a perfume line. Sisley was founded by Hubert d’Ornano Sisley in 1976 who early realized how important plants are in…

Review Frank Body

Review: Frank Body Original Body Scrub


From an early age I’ve been deeply interested in beauty and skin care. It was my mom, introducing me to her daily skin care routine that first sparked this interest. I can always remember the feeling of wanting to know how to take care of my skin, why you should…

SkinCeuticals review

Review: SkinCeuticals


Let’s talk about skincare once again. Now that I’m in my late 20s and turning 28 this Wednesday (oh my!), I’m focusing more and more on skincare rather than make-up. I believe investing in great skincare is worth so much more the money than spending loads on cosmetics to cover…

Sisley skincare routine

Review: Sisley skin care routine


Breakouts don’t only happen to teenagers. After having much trouble with acne during my puberty, acne hit me again in my mid-20s. To some extent it was due to my weight gain, which was part of my eating disorder recovery. But my genes played a big role too. My mother struggled with…

Tibi spring17

Behind the scenes at TIBI NYFW with Aveda


Hej loves! How are you all? As I’m relaxing from yet another busy week in September – gosh, time flies by so fast, right?! – I still have another backstage report to share with you guys. It’s Tibi SS’17. Which – spoiler! – was the one and only first NYFW…

Aveda NY

Review: Facial contouring with hair coloring


Facial contouring with makeup is not a new kid on the block. Highlighting, strobing, every girl who loves beauty knows exactly what I’m talking about. Facial contouring with hair coloring – ‘Eclipting‘ – however is a new thing, if you ask me. When Aveda asked me to come over to NYC…

NYFW SS'17 Pier 59

Behind the scenes at Hellessy NYFW with Aveda


While I’m sipping on my Cold Brew in Starbucks, grande of course, and I’m chatting to some strangers – seriously, an Italian guy just got me this drink, like whut? – I have about an hour left for my next show at NYFW. After Hellessy in Pier 59 Studios it’s…


Hello New York! 🍏


I’m in New York! The big city that’ll be my home from February / March 2017 on. It’s so good to be here and experience the city again before moving here. Thanks to the team of AVEDA Benelux for inviting me to come over for New York Fashion Week SS’17. I’ll…

pivoine sublime L'Occitane

Review: Pivoine Sublime By L’Occitane (+ giveaway)


Hej you! As you might know by now, I love flowers. Especially peonies. To me peonies are one of the most lush flowers to have in the house, and until a year ago I wasn’t aware the peony floral extract is also used as an ingredient in skin care. I mean,…

cornrows for summer 2016

Cornrows by LOD


Although I like the way my hair is au naturel, I wanted to get something with various braids done. Not for forever – don’t get me wrong – just something that I could leave in for a few days. As might read in my previous posts (1, 2) I’m super…

cornrows fashion hair trend

Cornrows for summer


My favorite hair trend as of lately, a.k.a. summer 2016? Cornrows! You’ve probably spotted them on many Pinterest pages already and OH MY.. I just can’t let go of my current obsession with cornrows, other braids, plaits, fishtails et cetera. Since I’m not the greatest hair hero in doing those things…

golden blonde hair Leiden

Happy new hair


My hair. Here’s the story.. I wanted a change in my life in terms of my hair. Not a major change, but I wanted to give my hair a true boost. To give it more volume, to give it more shape, to give it more interest, I wanted something different,…

best moisturizers under 40 euros

Review: best moisturizers under 40 euros


What are the best moisturizers under 40 euros? Well, even though I’m by no means a beauty guru, I do have a long experience with both not investing as well as investing in moisturizers. As I told you earlier on, I’m a happy user of microdermabrasion. It’s incredibly important to…

review on using PMD microdermabrasion

Review: PMD microdermabrasion + a discount code!


For beauty and skin care fans like me, the transition to Spring and Summer can be hard on our skin. We start uncovering our bodies once again, freeing them of those cosy layers of warmer clothes. The skin we kept hidden for so long is now suddenly visible for the eye…

my makeup routine after Accutane

My makeup routine after Accutane (isotretinoin)


Frederique, what’s your my makeup routine after Accutane (isotretinoin)? After receiving comments on how healthy my skin looks, I thought it was about time to tell you more about my current makeup routine. I’ve been using Accutane for over 1,5 years after having terrible genetic acne from an early age….

Keune True Beauty Hair Show 2016

Keune True Beauty


True beauty. What’s your definition of true beauty? To me, true beauty is not about appearances. True beauty comes from the inside. The more you show who you are, the more beautiful you will be. This also goes for a person’s hairstyle. It’s crucial that your hair embraces your personal…

My beauty secret - favorite moisturizer

My moisturizing secret


An easy way to make each morning a bit more fabulous is by using a day cream that you look forward to putting on. Keeping your face hydrated is essential, and I wanted to share my absolute favorite moisturizer with you guys today.. *PAM PAM PAM..* It’s Embryolisse Crème Hydratante à L’Orange….

Clinique Pop Artistry collection

Spring launches from Clinique


Oh yes! It’s time for the new Spring launches from Clinique and these new products are so up my street! Although I’m by no means a beauty blogger and not much of an make up expert, I do like to play around with new products from time to time. On a…

lip balm l'Occitane

L’Occitane ♥


International Women’s Day. Today I want to raise awareness for a special day – i.e., International Women’s Day, March, 8 – and a special product – L’OCCITANE’s ‘Ultra Soft Balm‘. International Women’s Day is celebrated in many countries around the world. It’s a day when women are recognized for their…

swarovski evil eye set

Simplicity is key


Words to live by: Simplicity is key. When it comes to beauty, style and personality I always have these words in mind. A woman’s beauty shouldn’t be shadowed by makeup and outgoing style. I love it when you can truly see her for who she is, in all of her beauty. And…

Kiehl's skin care products



Hello dearest readers! If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been on the skin care kick over the past several weeks. I purchased quite a few new all-natural and semi-natural, high quality skin care stuffies and I’m happy I took the time – plus the money – to do so! I discovered my hands…

perfect eyebrow

About my eyebrows


I hate to brag, but.. I have great eyebrows. I like the color of them, the size, the shape, I like how they make my face look complete and frame my eyes. Yes, I like my eyebrows. So I dedicate this post to them and I do this in collaboration with…