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Closet sale

Good afternoon beauties! Have you heard the news? I guess you did, I’m actually pretty sure you did! Together with seven of my fellow blogger chicks I’ll attend the Closet Sale Event this Saturday, 25th of October (#cfclosetsale). This means YOU – yes, YOU! – have the chance to meet me, the other girls, to hang out with us and to buy yourself our clothes, bags, shoes and accessoires. I am beyond excited to meet you all! (more…)

Puffed sleeves

_MG_5092 _MG_5111

Hi there my cuties! For those of you who’ve been paying attention since the start of my blog and are familiar with my style, know I’m very much into subtle sexiness. I think today’s simple but very interesting dress shows you exactly what I mean. No open backs, no see-through parts, no flashing cleavage, just a little blackish dress with puffed sleeves worn with elegance. It’s the perfect piece for a night out, an exciting dinner with your boy, or another fun thing that’ll for sure be remembered. Is it weekend yet? (more…)

Horse power

P1120663Horse fashion

Though I love all animals, horses have a special place in my heart. Not that I’m that much of a horse riding genius, a horse expert or whatsoever, I just love their beautiful, graceful and extremely elegant appearance. Especially those in the wild.

What’s your favorite animal and for what reason?

Back to today’s look. Have you noticed I’m wearing a PRINT? Have you? Yes, I know! Applause for me, I’m not wearing heavily printed items that often. But hej, it’s a pretty elegant horse print, so I’m making an exception. Besides that, I really like the silk-a-like material of this blouse, it’s suits your body [ I like to keep these statements general you know ] so sexy, so smooth. Due to the lovely light brownish color of the horses, I went for some classy faux suede pumps from Invito. And of course a gold wallet, because hej, you know I love gold as much as I love you ;)

Happy Friday! Weekend is around the corner, hell yeah!


6 of my favorite perfumes

Black Opium, Yves Saint Laurant, favorite perfumes

I am so excited to share my favorite perfumes with you. Fragrance is something very unique that can work on one person but not on another, but you don’t know what will work for you until you try. I always think it is interesting to find out what fragrances others are wearing. If you feel like sharing your favorites, feel free to use the comments section below (more…)

Blue denim, black leather

Denim jacket, black leather shortsHi lovely readers, how are you on this beautiful Wednesday morning? ♡ Denim jackets, oh, denim jackets, they’ve always been my thing! I wouldn’t mind walking ’round in denim jackets all day every day. Especially when I found myself a jacket like this one, which isn’t that much of a simple one you see. Look at the detailing, the fit, the print, the vintage feel; oh yeah, this is my favorite denim jacket of all times (more…)

Decisions, decisions: yay or nay

Decisions, decisions

Hello Tuesday! Hello shitty weather! I’m happy anyway. So for today I have a simple question for you guys: do you like this oversized knit on me? Cause I might be shooting a look with this baby soon.. BUT.. only if you want me to.. SO, TELL ME ;)



This season’s colors


I LOVE this season’s colors, especially one of them.. Bordeaux, ruby, burgundy, call it what you want, but I’m in love I’m hooked on this color! I’ve seen it on the runway in a lot of collections, and now fall fashion is finally in stores I’ve seen quite a few affordable pieces as well! I love combining it with neutral tones and blacks, but I think it also looks great with dark blue or dark green. And can you tell how happy I am with my new padded parka from Subdued. Winter, I’m ready for you! Oh, and I did something else with my hair for a change. Kiddin’ ;) Hope you don’t mind (more…)

Peek: This season’s colors



How are you this Sunday morning? Are you planning on doing something fun? :) Would love to hear from you boys and girls out there! I’m obviously blogging later today. Need to keep you guys busy next week, right? Follow me on InstagramTwitter and Facebook for some extra footage a day…



P.S. I’ll contact the winner of the By Indy giveaway soon. So all of you participants, keep an eye on your mailbox!

Full midi tulle skirt

P1130274 P1130308Have you noticed full midi tulle skirts all over the place? Have you?! They have been all over MY place lately anyway. I thrifted my skirt at Froufrou’s in Arnhem again for only 15 euros. Great deal, right? It suits me slightly over the knee, perfect with bare legs, but also excellent to wear with tights when it gets colder. Which it certainly is already right now  (more…)

Those last bits of late Summer

Last summer outfitLast bits of summer - outfitIs there a better way to celebrate the bounty of the season than with some bare legs? Well, I don’t think there is, so that’s exactly what I did. And oh, I really enjoyed soaking up the last bit of late Summer warmth last weekend. Perfect weather to take out my beloved ZARA sandals for a walk. Besides these babies create instant tallness, they are the perfect start for any end-of-Summer ensemble. I combined them with a flirty H&M hemline mini-skirt and a pinkish flowery top. Done (more…)

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