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sneaker trends summer 2016

The sneaker trends for summer 2016? Well, if you’re following me for a while already, you know that I wasn’t the biggest fan of wearing sneakers. Neither would I be interested in the answer to this question. However, much has changed over the years! I wouldn’t call myself a sneakerhead yet and I don’t think I’ll ever be, but I do enjoy wearing a good sneaker ever now and then. A sneaker just adds that easy-going, laidback vibe to your look. Like your one of those girls who’s just always running late but still looking put together. #imnotoneofthem #areyou? 😉

All of these beauties below are from, where you can find a broad selection of trainers in brands varying from Adidas and Nike to Reebok and Converse. Take a look if you wish. I would say all these kicks are the perfect example of what I’d call ‘casual chic’ footwear. Classy and interesting, yet laidback and comfortable. Talking about trends, the white sneaker trend isn’t going anywhere this summer. Next up is the metallic sneaker. Whether it’s gold, silver or copper, you’re totally sneaking around on trend if you own a pair of metallic sneakers this season. Last up, as for the trends I love and want to share, is the 90s-inspired sneaker. Sneakers you were probably wearing already back in the 90s (assuming you’re a 90s kid). Of course the Reebok sneakers and the good old Converse sneakers are totally 90s. What’s your favorite trend?

If you’re living in The Netherlands by the way: do you have any plans for ‘Bevrijdingsdag’? 🙂 xx Frederique

sneaker trends 2016

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  • Leuke inspiratie. Ik heb zo’n mooie sneakers op het oog!