The simple things in life

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This morning I had the best wake-up ever. I woke up from that the sun was shining in on me so I opened my window for a bit of fresh air. Popcorn immediately thought it was such a fun idea, so she joined in looking for birds and sniffing up the fresh air. With the window wide open I did a little meditating and stretching on the floor, then went downstairs and made me a cup of tea and sat on the balcony to enjoy the sun for a bit before I started editing these pictures! Isn’t that a great start of the day! I love enjoying these simple things in life, like fresh air, feeling the morning sun on my skin, the morning good bye kiss of my boyfriend; these simple things in life make my day and thus make my life. It’s not a holiday in god knows where, a dinner in a famous restaurant, a new designer bag; no to me those simple things in everyday life make me happy. Especially when I think back of the time when I was ill and fighting myself through life. Just something I thought about today.. And something that I wanted to put out there. Looking forward hearing your thoughts on happiness. What makes you happy in life? xx Freddy

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// These images above were shot yesterday @ The Gift Suite, Sofitel Legend The Grand, Amsterdam //

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My name is Frederique and I run this personal style blog. After graduating from law school in April 2014 – University of Utrecht (The Netherlands), exchange: Uppsala (Sweden) and UC Berkeley (USA) – I built FAB le Frique from scratch and decided to spread my lifelong interest in fashion and lifestyle with the world (wide web). Taking a leap of faith, making a career transition, leaving a known and charted career path is scary. But if the only actual obstacle blocking me from doing what I’m truly passionate about is ‘fear’, I hereby conquer my fears and go forward with my passion.

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  • You are absolutely stunning!!!! I think its really important to appreciate the simple things in life

    Rachel xxx

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  • Being surrounded by loved ones always makes me happy! Great post !


    Tamara –