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Best vegan bags, Stella McCartney

Look at this gorgeous vegan bag you guys. My one and only first designer bag and I’m SO happy it’s a Stella McCartney. Stella McCartney is the world’s first and only vegetarian luxury brand; they do not think that animals should give their life for the sake of fashion. As a vegan foodie and a more and more conscious fashionista, I cannot agree more on that. I stand behind their brand both ethically and environmentally. Looking at the climate impact alone of animal farming for instance, it is staggering you guys. Meat and leather production is responsible for 18% of all manmade greenhouse gases in the world, with a single cow emitting 8.75kg of methane annually. Compare this to transportation, which only accounts for 13% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, animal skins used for clothing and accessories are loaded with caustic, toxic chemicals that prevent them from decomposing – the very opposite of what we expect from a natural resource. The chemicals used in leather tanning makes it one of most toxic industries in the world. Before I went vegan I didn’t really care much about these kind of things, which isn’t a bad thing you know, I mean, everyone should make their own decisions in life. But my previous way of thinking – and thus living – just wasn’t fitting Frederique 100%. I’m a very conscious person and have always been a member of the World Wildlife Fund. To me it has always been unnatural to eat a dead animal, but on the other hand my parents, friends and family were eating meat and nobody around me was ever questioning eat meet. Once I grew older and developed an eating disorder on the age of 13, it was very hard for me to make conscious animal welfare choices. For so many years the anorexia was incredibly strong and thus I was only thinking about losing weight, restricting calories and depriving myself from any form of nutrition. Now that I’m much stronger than my eating disorder and working on overcoming it, I had the chance to look at the beliefs I’ve had before anorexia caught me. Those beliefs were definitely vegetarian and in light of what I now know, it felt just so unnatural to me to consume any kind of animal product. That’s why I turned to veganism and I now live by example. Brands like Stella McCartney make me feel even more supported in my beliefs. I do love fashion incredibly much, but I want to keep my impact on animal cruelty as well as the environment as little as possible. Not working towards perfection, just working towards what feels good to me and fits me as a person. 🙂 Happy day!

best vegan bags, Stella McCartney bag

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