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SkinCeuticals review

Let’s talk about skincare once again. Now that I’m in my late 20s and turning 28 this Wednesday (oh my!), I’m focusing more and more on skincare rather than make-up. I believe investing in great skincare is worth so much more the money than spending loads on cosmetics to cover things up. Do you agree? For me, a few great high-end skincare basics, paired with some active treatment products will do the job. Activity is highly important to me, more important than what it costs, what it looks like and how it smells. It all comes down to if a product works for my skin. How does that work for you? Well anyway, a few weeks ago I was invited to come over to SkinCeuticals HQ in Hoofddorp. I got an introduction into the brand and a lesson from a skincare expert. SkinCeuticals is a skincare brand based on medical research and is developed by a doctor named Dr. Sheldon Pinell. SkinCeuticals provides clinical skincare used by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and medi-spas. During the meeting I’ve learned a lot about why and how your skin changes over the years. Let’s share something with you …

Did you know that: 

– Oxidative damage – which arises when your skin is exposed to (for example) UV radiation, Infrared, pollution, smoking and/or stress – is highly important to how your skin changes over the years.
– This oxidative damage can destabilize molecules, which in the end damages the healthy skin tissue, thus making you get spots, pigmentation, wrinkles and other impurities.
– Naturally, your skin has antioxidants to neutralize the oxidative damage. However, because there are so many damaging elements in today’s environment, you’ll not have enough antioxidants naturally.
– You thus need to work with antioxidants to improve your skin health and beat imperfections.

SkinCeuticals its products are formulated to correct signs of aging, protect healthy skin, and prevent future damage. I had the chance to follow this 3-step SkinCeuticals philosophy and try out 3 SkinCeuticals products. What did I use? From the first product line I got the Phloretin CF serum. This product has a high concentration of vitamin C to prevent oxidative skin damage. It’s especially suitable for those with acne-prone skin such as yours sincerely. I’ve used 4 drops a day in the morning on my face and neck. Afterwards, I’ve been using the the Retexturing Activator, which ensures your healthiest skin is on the top layer. This will not only make your skin more resistant, but it’ll also give it a nice and healthy glow. This activating product also corrects any existing skin problems such as redness, pigmentation, wrinkles, et cetera. The third and last product I’ve been using on a daily basis, is the Ultra Facial Defense, which has an SPF 50 that protects you from both UVA and UVB.

step 1 SkinCeuticalsuntitled-4untitled-5So what’s the verdict after 3 weeks of daily usage of these products? Well, all products are really easy to apply and absolutely suitable for a busy bee like me. To be honest, the first product – the Phloretin CF Serum – smells a bit strange, but nothing to worry much about. Quickly after application, you can really feel it working its way into your skin. I think that’s a yay. After usage of the correcting product as well as the protecting moisturizer, I feel my skin is highly hydrated without being greasy. In the first days of usage I was a bit scared that all these products would however clog up my pores. After 3 weeks of using the line, I now know that that didn’t happen and I actually saw my impurities go down. My pores were significantly less visible, especially on my nose and forehead. Definitely got a smoother skin after these weeks! Yay, so far so good! I do however think I need to use the collection longer to get better results on the reduction of pigmentation. I didn’t see much of a difference on that yet. But yet again, so far, so good. I’m already really content with the current results!

Overall Rating

Rating: 8

Pros: SkinCeuticals is created by and for professionals. It contains only medically proven ingredients, making it a high-end and highly effective skincare brand. The packaging and branding of the brand is simple, yet sophisticated, and all instructions on how to use the products are easy. Another pro: a little goes a long way.

Cons: Although all SkinCeuticals products are over-the-counter products, you’ll not be able to find them in your local drug store. Besides that, you might have to save some penny’s in order to buy a SkinCeuticals product.

Repurchase? Yes, I will, especially the Phloretin CF serum, I can honestly say it helped me improve my skin unlike no other product ever did.

review SkinCeuticals

review SkinCeuticals

SkinCeuticals correct line

Hope you find this review useful. If you want to know more, please ask me a question in the comments. Or take a look on their extensive website. Wishing you all a very happy weekend for now. xx Fre

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