Review: Sisley skin care routine

Sisley skincare routine

Breakouts don’t only happen to teenagers. After having much trouble with acne during my puberty, acne hit me again in my mid-20s. To some extent it was due to my weight gain, which was part of my eating disorder recovery. But my genes played a big role too. My mother struggled with acne-prone skin all her life, and I clearly had her pimple-prone genes. I was happy that the dermatologist got me on Accutane a few years ago. Accutane – also known as isotretinoin or Roaccutane – is a medicine for severe acne, which is known to be the last resort for people that struggle with heavy, cystic acne. Although the acne actually got worse within the first months of usage, I’ve experienced quite dramatic changes after using it for over 11 months in total. Even today, 2 years after I’ve started with Accutane, my skin is freed from heavy cystic acne. I do however still have some pimples every now and then, especially when I’m experiencing stress or I’ve been sleeping badly. But it’s nothing compared to what it was like. However, great skincare is key in keeping my skin clear from impurities. Thus I was over the moon when Sisley Paris asked me to give their new and improved skincare line Tropical Resins if Aux Resins Tropicales a try. Compared to the previous collection, they’ve now made it even more effective to fight against skin imperfections like pimples and enlarged pores. All with the purpose of making your skin recover clearer and appear more beautiful. I’ve experienced it myself in the past 3 weeks and I’m loving it so far. All you need is:

1. the Cleansing Gel,

2. the Creamy Mask,

3. the Serum Intensif (a serum that really helps to unclog pores and helps to refine skin texture),

4. and Sisley Soin Hydratant Matifiant (which uses bamboo powder to ratify skin).

I was really curious and even a little scared how my skin would react to a full range of new products. But I’m so happy I had the courage to do so! I noticed the Tropical Resins line is great to control my break-outs and shiny T-zone, without being too harsh on my acne-prone but sensitive skin. When I first applied the cleansing gel, I was pleasantly surprised by its lightweight, gel formula. I’m not a fan of greasy, milky cleansers at all and I’ve noticed that a lot of high-end brands have oily or milky ones as their go-to cleansing products. Yay on your cleanser, Sisley! The gel is easy to apply over te face and it washes of excellent. After a little dabbing with a clean towel to get with of the excess water, I used the creamy mask and gently applied it in round motions over my face. I love how this product feels on the skin, again not feeling greasy at all. I let the mask do it’s thing while cleaning up the kitchen and totally forgot to wash it off when the doorbell suddenly rang. Happens to me every time! Haha! Do you have that too? 🙂 Anyway, after washing it off, my skin felt super soft and in great condition. Not dehydrated at all, but I felt that the pimple on my cheek appeared a little dryer, which was great. The serum I use afterwards, smells really good and does exactly what it claims to do. It helps to unclog the pores even more and helps to refine your skin texture. Perfect if you want to have yourself a no-make up day, since it really brightens up your skin and make it look good without anything covering it up. However, if you’re like me and your T-zone gets a little shiny over the day, I highly recommend using the 4th product I’ve reviewed, the  Soin Hydratant Matifiant. It uses bamboo powder to ratify skin, making it look clean without having that shiny face that only runway models can have. I love this product, since it’s one of the first products I’ve ever tried that helps me to get rid of any disco ball moments during the day. I am definitely going to repurchase this product.

Overall Rating

Rating: 8,5

Pros: All Sisley products of the Tropical Resins line contain the best of the best ingredients, making it highly effective. The packaging and total feel of the products is high-end, making you feel like you’re having yourself a spa treatment at home. The serum smells great, not too intense, and definitely helps to reduce enlarge pores. The mattifying cream, the Soin Hydratant Matifant, really works to beat that shiny t-zone you might get during the day.

Cons: Sisley is a high-end beauty brand, so you might have to invest in its products. Besides that, Sisley might not be the easiest cosmetics brand to get access to here in The Netherlands. If you’re a little unsure on which products will work best for your skin, definitely go to a Bijenkorf so that you can try out some of the products and see how it feels on your skin.

Repurchase? Yes, I will, especially the cleanser, the serum and the mattifying cream. Absolutely love those and highly recommend them.

cleansing gel Sisley

Sisley cleanser


sisley tropical resins


Tropical Resins by Sisley

Have you ever tried any skincare or makeup products by Sisley Paris? I’m super curious, since a lot of you already told me via social media that you love Sisley’s products. So I’d love to hear which ones you love the most. Tell me!  

Big kiss to you! ⭐️ xxx Fre

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