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Sisley is a brand that is probably less known than brands like Dior, Chanel and Lancôme. It’s a French company that develops skin care and makeup products and also has a perfume line. Sisley was founded by Hubert d’Ornano Sisley in 1976 who early realized how important plants are in the field of skincare. He therefore do research laboratories in phytocosmetologie. According Sisley phytocosmetologie is a combination of:

1. Knowledge of plants, their composition and benefits of their active molecules.

2. Perfect control of the dosage of active ingredients in order to achieve the desired effect without harmful side effects.

3. The guarantee of a constant quality botanical extracts.

4. The manufacture of the right combinations of natural extracts, so that synergies arise which increase the effect of each product.

You’ve probably read my review on Sisley’s Tropical Resins if Aux Resins Tropicales skincare line a few weeks ago. Since my skin reacted very well to these products – especially to the cleanser, the serum and the mattifying cream – I was exciting to try out even more of Sisley’s products. With the holidays coming up, I thought it would be fun to show you more of their makeup. For me the party season is the ultimate time to experiment with different colors on my eyes and lips. By changing up these parts of my face I feel more feminine and ready for a night out.

So let me tell you more on the products I’ve tried to give that pop of color to my eyes and lips. Starting off with the lips, I’ve used 3 different colors of the Phyto-Lip Twists: no. 16 (Balm, shiny finish), no. 17 (Kiss, matt finish) and no. 18 (Tango, matt finish). What I love about all of these lip products is that they really make my lips stay visibly hydrated and protected over the day, even the matt ones. They seem to contain Phytosqualane, an extract of olive oil, and that really has the benefit of keeping the skin stay supple and elastic. Beside what it does to your lips, I really like the packaging. The zebra print is making it look so playful. Plus: they are also very convenient in size and you can easily rotate the pencil up and down. Personally, I like the Phyto-Lip Twist no. 18 in the color Tango the most. It’s a true classic with its dark-red color. It stays on for ages and will definitely go super well with a gorgeous LBD this December. The Phyto-Lip Twist in no. 16 definitely would be your go-to color when you’re feeling like wearing heavier eye makeup.

Speaking of eyes, let’s continue with the Phyto-Eye Twists. The ones I’ve been trying for this post are: no. 9 (Pearl), no. 10 (Amethyst), no. 11 (Copper), and no. 12 (Emerald). As a lover of more natural eyes, I bet you can guess which color I loved the most (a.k.a. no. 9). However, no. 12, the vibrant green color has been a favorite too. What I love about these pencils is that they are super easy to apply – even if you’re not a makeup expert –  and that they certainly are very durable and long-lasting. Perfect for those long family gatherings you’re probably about to have this month. Another thing I like about these eye products is that you can either use them as a creamy eyeshadow on the lid or use them as a eye pencil above and underneath your lashes. Especially no. 9 is excellent for highlighing the innercorners of your eyes too. I’ve noticed it gives a very nice subtile pearly finish. To finish off your eyes, you definitely need a good mascara. I’ve been trying out Sisley’s signature So Curl Mascara no. 1 in the color Deep Black. Beforehand, I’ve already heard great things about this mascara and I must say I can only agree on those positive opinions. This mascara became a new musthave for me. What I like about this product is that it really makes your lashes appear much longer and fuller, without thickening them to much, if you know what I mean. I don’t like mascara’s that give you spider lashes. Another great thing is – of course, cause it’s Sisley – is that it’s filled with vitamines and highly effective plant extracts, like pro-vitamin B5, Rice Phytoceramides, Castor Oil and Passionflower extract.

Overall Rating

Rating: 8,0

Pros: All these makeup products don’t just look great with their playful design, they also contain highly effective plant ingredients. All products are long-lasting, so especially great for a long day of work or a night out. Another great thing is that the lip products really do make your lips stay hydrated, even the matt Phyto-Lip Twists. Same goes for the creamy finish of the Phyto-Eye Twists. Besides that, none of the products smells too intense, which is great too.

Cons: As you might know by now, Sisley is a high-end beauty brand, so you might have to invest in its products. Besides that, Sisley might not be the easiest cosmetics brand to get access to here in The Netherlands. If you’re a little unsure on which products will match your skin tone best, definitely go to a Bijenkorf or Douglas so you can try out some of the products and see how they look on you.

Repurchase? Yes, I will, especially the mascara, the Phyto-Lip Twist in no. 18 and the Phyto-Eye Twist in no. 9. Absolutely love those and highly recommend them.

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