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Hej loves! How are you all? As I’m laying down on the sofa, being pretty exhausted from yet another busy week, I wanted to share my latest hair methamorphse with you guys! You close followers from the gram (Instagram: @fablefrique), might have seen that I went to the Aveda hair salon in Hudson’s Bay in Amsterdam exactly one week ago. This salon, which is called Lilou, is a new in-store hair salon concept located in 3 Hudson’s Bay’s in the Netherlands: Amsterdam (Rokin 21), Rotterdam (Hoogstraat 185) and Den Haag (Grote Marktstraat 48-50). I was invited by Aveda to come over to their in-store salon in Hudson’s Bay Amsterdam. I was so excited!

Owner Shahin Nadali warmly welcomed me and obviously asked me what I had in mind for my hair. I was pretty sure I wanted to go for a ‘lob’ length, also known as a ‘long bob’. I already read that the lob is a great option for those who want a new look but aren’t ready for a shorter, choppy bob. It sits on the collar bone or is shoulder skimming. And the idea of this hair style is that it’s slightly longer at the front with more layering behind, giving you a subtle, heavier effect through the back. One of the lob’s biggest selling points is its versatility. It requires minimal styling if you want to go for a natural look and it can be glammed up with a bit of texturing spray (like the texture tonic, remember?) for more festive option at night. I also love that a lob can be pulled back into a tiny low ponytail or knot when you’re busy running errands or just for whatever other reason want your hair out of the way. So a lob, that’s what I went for last Friday.

Shahin advised me it would be very nice to slightly color my hair as well. We went for some natural highlights to enhance the frame of my face and skin tone, as well as my to-be lob hair style (read more on my experience with Aveda facial contouring with hair coloring). Once the color treatment was done, it was time to rinse off my hair and treat and tone it with more Aveda hair products. Getting treated with Aveda always makes me so relaxed, every time it’s just an absolute pleasure to smell the goodness of their green ingredients. Might be interesting for you guys to know that Aveda’s roots are in Ayurveda. An Indian cure tradition based on the life and interdependence of all beings. For 5,000 years it has been proven that treatment of the whole individual leads to a better personal balance and well-being. Therefore, Aveda develops products that not only affect your hair and skin but also your body, mind and emotions.

When the cutting process began, I already gained so much confidence that Shanin would take good care of my hair. As mentioned, we went for a slightly longer length at the front and a slightly shorter look at the back of my hair. Once everything that needed to be chopped off was gone, Shanin went forward blowdrying and curling my hair. The result was absolutely stunning, I fell in love right away and I still am. I’m curious to hear your thoughts on my lob! Do you like it? Is it a hair style you would want to have? And also, have you ever had an Aveda hair treatment? If so, I’d love to hear everything about your experience!



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A HUGE thanks to my friends from Aveda and especially to Shahin Nadali for getting me a new hair cut. I absolutely love it! 💗 If you’re interested in a hair cut, color treatment, blow-dry treatment, of anything in between that has to do with your hair, then definitely pay the Aveda salon Lilou at Hudson’s Bay a visit. Again, you can find them in Amsterdam (Rokin 21), Rotterdam (Hoogstraat 185) and in Den Haag (Grote Marktstraat 48-50).

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