Review: Frank Body Original Body Scrub

Review Frank Body

From an early age I’ve been deeply interested in beauty and skin care. It was my mom, introducing me to her daily skin care routine that first sparked this interest. I can always remember the feeling of wanting to know how to take care of my skin, why you should moisturize it, why you should exfoliate it and what else I could do to make my skin look its best. Talking exfoliation, I’ve been trying out quite some new products as of lately. One of those I wanted to highlight today is the Original Body Scrub from Frank Body. I’ve had the scrub for a couple of months now and I’ve used it every other week. I always want to use products for quite some time before writing anything in dept about them. Now it’s exactly 96 days ago when I first used the scrub and I’ve been using it 6 times now, it’s about time to write an honest review and let you guys know my experience with the stuff!

So Frank Body is an Australian made, coffee-based skin care range. Back in the days, it all started with this Original Body Scrub. And by now they’ve expanded their line to other face and body scrubs, lip scrubs, cleansers, moisturizers and body lotions. The Original Body Scrub I’m reviewing today, is packaged in a sturdy paper bag, which is lined with a foil type of material and has a seal on the inside. It is a pretty unique design and material, but that’s definitely something I already like. On the back of the paper bag there’s quite a lot of information listed, like the directions, advantages of using the scrub, the ingredients and all their social media info. I love the whole Frank Body theme, which is cheeky, fun and playful, with phrases such as Let’s be frank, I’m just what you’ve been looking for. I really like that. So what does The Original Body Scrub claims to do? Well, it claims to target cellulite, eczema, dry skin, stretch marks, psoriasis and acne. The key ingredients therefor are roasted and ground coffee beans, which stimulate the blood flow and apparently this is which targets those problem areas. It also contains sweet almond oil for skin hydration and skin healing. So it’s super natural, organic and completely vegan, which is a HUGE bonus for a vegan foodie like me.

So when I first started using it, I have to say I was a little scared of how silly it looks to put it on your skin, especially when you’re boyfriend is looking like: Seriously, are you putting this stuff on your face? However, after gently buffing it in and washing it off in the bathroom, my skin really felt super smooth and the dry flakes I usually have around my nose and chin all disappeared. YAY on that! I hate those dried patches, which are so annoying when applying makeup too. The next week I’ve used the scrub while showering. Using it in that manner, I noticed the bath tub was getting kind of messy. So you have to take an extra minute to rinse it thoroughly after scrubbing yourself. Personally, I didn’t mind doing that, since I really enjoyed the sensation of scrubbing and the feeling of blood circulation afterwards.

Overall Rating

Rating: 8

Pros: It contains just a few ingredients, making it an all vegan, organic and fully natural product. The packaging and branding of the product is fun and unique. The scrub doesn’t smell too intense, and leaves the skin feel soft and hydrated. It also helps me to get rid of dried patches.

Cons: It gets a little messy when using the product, especially in the shower. So take an extra minute to rinse your sink or tub after usage.

Repurchase? Yes, I will. And I’m thinking on buying another one for my sister as well. Will be the perfect present for Christmas.

Review Frank Body scrub

Review Frank Body coffee scrub

Review Frank Body scrub

Coffee Scrub

Have you tried anything from the Frank Body scrub range? If so, what’s your experience? Sharing is caring! Have a great new week, loved ones.

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