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There’s no such thing as Instagram. It’s packed with great fashion individuals, sharing their stories through pictures. I’m completely guilty of refreshing my feed way too much. And you? Some time ago I got across this skin care brand called Frank Body. I really liked their catchy Instagram page and brand story, so decided to get me some products. Since then, I’ve been a happy user of their Original Scrub, their lip balm and scrub, as well as their moisturiser. For me personally, moisturising my face is one of the most important things of my daily skin care routine. When looking for a good moisturiser, I look for one that is not too expensive, highly effective based on reviews, and one that hydrates my skin without making it look or feel greasy. Although I know that it’s highly important to make sure your skin is properly hydrated, I do not want my acne to bubble up again. I might be 28, I still have acne prone skin. Most times, especially around that time a month, it’s a combination of dry patches and blemishes and enlarged pores around my T-zone. Super frustrating if you ask me. When you’re trying to get rid of your dry spots, you’re likely to make your acne worse and vice versa. Thus finding the right moisturiser can get a tricky for combination skin types such as me. And I can tell you, I’ve tried hundreds of moisturising products over the years. Since the end of October of 2016, I’ve been trying out a new one which I wanted to share my opinion about in today’s article. It’s Frank Body’s Everyday Moisturiser.

What immediately caught my attention is how this moisturiser (80 ml) is packaged, minimal and straight to the point, definitely something I already like. Truly matches the catchy social media channels of Frank Body, love that! The first time I’ve applied the product I was amazed by its lightweight formula. This’ll be a perfect moisturiser for underneath my makeup! And with it containing vitamine E, shea and cocoa butter, you don’t have to worry about your skin losing its moisture during the day. Which is great, cause dehydration is one of the most common causes of skin issues. As said, I’m always concerned a hydrating product like this is blocking my pores from breathing. So well, what’s the verdict on that? Well, I didn’t notice my acne worsening. To be correct I didn’t suffer from any pimples except from the hormonal ones I usually get once a month. So that’s definitely a big yay for me. The moisturiser also contains caffeine, which can help tone and firm the skin. I didn’t really notice that. It was just soft, hydrated throughout the day, but not really firmed. Since that’s not my main concern, I didn’t really worry about that. Hydration without causing acne was my main concern and that’s exactly what it did for me. Another fun thing I’ve noticed and wanted to share with you, is that this moisturiser is great for applying over your makeup throughout the day. Use a wet brush and lightly apply the product over your brush. Then carefully dab over your face, putting just a little more of the product on your cheekbones for a highlighting effect. The perfect touch-up if you ask me.

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Overall Rating

Rating: 8

Pros: It contains natural and nourishing, cruelty-free ingredients, and has a cool flirty text all over the packaging. It does the trick for dehydrated, acne prone skin care types like me, leaving the skin feel hydrated and soft, without clogging your pores. It’s great as a basis underneath your makeup and excellent for a quick touch up too.

Cons: I personally didn’t really enjoy the smell of the product, which is kind of non-existing. Another thing is that you can only purchase Frank Body’s products online here in The Netherlands. Come to De Bijenkorf (large mall here) in Holland, guys!

Repurchase? Yes, I will. Totally! It makes my skin glow without adding anything that my acne prone skin doesn’t like.

xoxo Frederique This post is created in collaboration with Frank Body. All opinions are my own however.

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