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find yourself Miinto

For some, it’s not an easy decision to be yourself. It takes courage to show the world who you truly are. Personally, I’ve been stuck inside a complicated mind wanting to find out what would truly made me happy in life for the longest time. Ever since I was a little girl I used to think that in order to be liked and approved of by those around me, I had to behave, dress and live my life in a certain way. I had to be whatever they wanted me to be. And because there were so many to please, at a certain point I got really confused about my own identity. I got really confused about who I was and what made me happy in life.  Thus, I have been living in an unauthentic way for a long time, I lived in fear, holding onto my past in law and intellectual meet-ups, getting my sense of worth from being a good student and a hard worker at the court. But also being a girl with severe anorexia and depression and an egocentric person that felt lost, drained and disconnected from myself and the people around me. It took me almost my life before I finally realized I needed to stop living a life that is not mine to live. I was in the hospital back then, getting fed by the doctors, trying to fight my inner demons that wanted me to give up life. I really lost all control over my life, as I thought I had it all.. At that moment I realized I didn’t know what made me happy in life. I forgot what I wanted, what I needed and what I wanted to live for. Eventually, I forgot about myself. Severely malnourished in my hospital bed, I decided I wanted to start listening to my inner voice, my inner calling. I remember I wrote down the following: Dear self, you have only one life and that’s this one right now. I need to live it, own it and don’t let anyone distract me from my path. Dare to give up living your life to other people’s expectations and start living it my way.

This was the start of something new. The beginning of a new road onto learning to accept, embrace, honor and treasure my authenticity, my uniqueness and my divinity. It was the start of finding that true me inside myself, with all its flaws and imperfections. I’m glad I had the chance to do this and find myself. Within this theme, the theme of finding yourself, I wanted to shed a little light on this beautiful new campaign by Danish fashion collective Miinto. You might have already spotted it somewhere, on Facebook, in the media, or elsewhere. In this campaign Miinto shares this super moving video that I’d recommend everyone to see. It’s a beautiful portrait of Jamie Raines which left me in sheer admiration and respect. Jamie came out as transgender six years ago at the age of 17 and has made himself a popular YouTuber. This by documenting his psychical transformation and being completely honest as he unfolds all kinds of issues a transgender person might come across in life. But not only does he share his journey with us, he and his girlfriend Shaaba is also helping others through their upcoming brand named ‘True To Me’ in order to create awareness on the importance of diversity and to support the LGBT community. Thus Jamie is also the inspiration behind the True To Me t-shirt that is following the campaign and sold on Miinto with all profits going to Jamie and Shaaba and their work on spreading acceptance and pride to be who you are. I think Miinto is right, clothes are so much more than just clothes. There is a way too many to express themselves, it can be freedom, it can show strength, but it can also be a limitation. Find yourself is about the fact that, regardless of how you look or what story you have, you will find something you like on Miinto. It’s not adapted to a type of human being. It’s just to be you.

I try to discover
A little something to make me sweeter
Oh baby refrain from breaking my heart
I’m so in love with you
I’ll be forever blue
That you gimme no reason
Why you make-a-me work so hard
That you gimme no
That you gimme no
That you gimme no
That you gimme no
Soul, I hear you calling
Oh baby please give a little respect to me
xoxo Frederique
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My name is Frederique and I run this personal style blog. After graduating from law school in April 2014 – University of Utrecht (The Netherlands), exchange: Uppsala (Sweden) and UC Berkeley (USA) – I built FAB le Frique from scratch and decided to spread my lifelong interest in fashion and lifestyle with the world (wide web). Taking a leap of faith, making a career transition, leaving a known and charted career path is scary. But if the only actual obstacle blocking me from doing what I’m truly passionate about is ‘fear’, I hereby conquer my fears and go forward with my passion.