Real talk: life struggles

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Hello you lovelies! 🙂 Hope you’re doing well today. Personally, I haven’t been feeling my best the last couple of days and instead of making this last, I wanted to do something about it. Together with you. With this new item on my blog, a weekly real talk about life issues. Aiming to help both you and me.

However, before getting started I want to have some things out of the way. So here’s an introduction to the story behind this idea of being ‘real’ with you guys. First off – please don’t get me wrong – fashion is my life and I’ve always been super interested in everything fashion. But you know what it is, everyone has their different sides in life and so do I. Some of the things in life that define you might be the ones you’re showing to others. Like for me, my high interest in fashion is something I like to share with others and feel confident about. It’s my way of expression, expressing my mood and personality with what I wear and what I like. That’s what I do online and offline. However, there are many more sides of me, both positive and negative, and some of them I’d like to keep away from other people than my relatives. Like my struggle with my body, the insecurities I’m dealing with when it comes to relationships and my struggle with feeling down for days in a row. It’s the things in life that are far from perfect. The things that I’m struggling with and continuously working on. For instance, being a true fashionista on Instagram, but also body shaming myself in the mirror when wearing my new skirt. Saying  I’m not good enough, and I should punish myself and start losing weight again. That’s something I’m currently really struggling with  and feel pretty damn insecure about. Also: loving all the inspiring images by others I see in my social media feed, and feeling triggered by other girl’s bodies and feeling depressed by their overwhelmingly good-looking lives.

The point I’m trying to make is that there’s more to me than being a fashion Instagrammer. And I think these unspoken parts should be talked about. Again, aiming to help both you and me. Cause my life isn’t perfect, and I want you to know, to make you feel less alone in whatever difficult issues you’re going through. Whether it be a depression, an eating disorder, the loss of a loved one, the fear of following your passion in life, the assumption you aren’t good enough; whatever it may be. I hope to see you soon in another ‘real talk’ issue. Take care!

xoxo Frederique

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My name is Frederique and I run this personal style blog. After graduating from law school in April 2014 – University of Utrecht (The Netherlands), exchange: Uppsala (Sweden) and UC Berkeley (USA) – I built FAB le Frique from scratch and decided to spread my lifelong interest in fashion and lifestyle with the world (wide web). Taking a leap of faith, making a career transition, leaving a known and charted career path is scary. But if the only actual obstacle blocking me from doing what I’m truly passionate about is ‘fear’, I hereby conquer my fears and go forward with my passion.

  • Melanie Bos

    My beautiful sister, I’m so proud of you!! ❤️

  • alex dainel

    Such a gorgeous look..