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pivoine sublime L'Occitane

Hej you! As you might know by now, I love flowers. Especially peonies. To me peonies are one of the most lush flowers to have in the house, and until a year ago I wasn’t aware the peony floral extract is also used as an ingredient in skin care. I mean, I did knew floral extracts have been used in skin care for centuries, and with good reason. But I was unaware my favorite flower had benefits for my skin too. I discovered peony extract is especially used to correct uneven skin texture, like refining pores and fine lines. Personally, I do struggle with enlarged pores around my nose due to heavy acne in the past, as well as on my chin and forehead. These pores have been through quite some rough times and that definitely shows off. After my worst acne times, I’ve started to experience dryness around the enlarged pore areas, which is quite difficult to treat properly. I still have a combination-oily skin, so treating these dry patches with natural oils or oil derived products, was (and is) not a good idea. I still break out very easily. I discovered a cream from L’Occitane which worked wonders for my dry areas and as we speak, it has been over 56 weeks (!) and I’m still using it. Hence, I was super happy the postman recently brought me over 4 other samples of the same collection – the Pivoine Sublime from L’Occitane. Of course there was a chance I was going to love them, so I couldn’t wait to try them out. 😉 After using them for 2 weeks now, I wanted to share my honest opinion on them with you and I have arranged something exciting, so make sure you make your way to the end of this post, OK? 😉

pivoine sublime review L'Occitane

perfecting scrub L'Occitane



1).   Well, the first product I received is actually my favorite of the Pivoine Sublime collection, the 2-in-1 perfecting scrub (100 ml, € 25). The fun thing is that this gel boosts 2 sensuous skincare products in one, since it’s both an exfoliator as well as a mask. With regard to the exfoliating effect, I can say it’s a very gentle product, it might one of the more gentle exfoliators I’ve tried in my life. Personally, I prefer using a rougher exfoliating texture on a weekly basis, but as an every-other-day exfoliator it’s absolutely fine. Plus, because of the mask it’s so worth trying you guys. I love its slightly oily texture and lightness. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry and tight like a lot of scrubs. It also rinses clean away like 1-2-3 and just a tiny bit will do, so I’m pretty sure this product will last me months.

2).   Second is the perfecting make up remover (200 ml, € 19), a refreshing gel that gently but effectively removes everyday impurities and make up, including heavy eye makeup and lip stains. I have to say that I don’t wear make up every day, but when I do, I swear by waterproof mascara. I’ve experience taking off waterproof make up is not a hustle at all with this remover. It goes without a fight. I also like the glide-on texture of this remover. It reveals my skin feeling fresh and a little velvety, which I love.

3).   On to the next, the perfecting toner  (200 ml, € 17), which completes the cleansing process and helps to moisturise and refresh the skin. After applying this product I love that feeling of my skin being all cleaned up and much more smoother. Fun thing is that it makes me feel mentally refreshed too. Do you have that too? Or is it just me enjoying my freshly pampered face at the end of the day? Hihi 🙂

4).   The last product I’ve received is the Pivoine Sublime skin tone perfecting cream (30 ml, € 26), a CC cream with SPF, available in both light and medium. I do have to say that I haven’t met a CC cream that I fell in love with. I do love BB creams overall – and especially Guerlain’s ‘beauty booster’, try that one guys! – but CC creams.. I haven’t been super impressed by any of those. I do like the idea of them being moisturizing and having lots of other benefits for your skin. But I prefer my moisturizers to be fully transparent. I don’t like the slightest feel of make up or pigmentation when I’m just wearing a moisturizer that day. So yeah, I guess CC creams are just not my thing. Curious to hear your thoughts on CC creams! Do you like using them and if so, what’s your favorite?


Even though the CC cream wasn’t the best match for me personally, these products definitely brought new radiance to my ordinary skin care routine and those damn dry patches. You might have seen this coming, but I can offer one of you ladies a copy of all the above-mentioned Pivoine Sublime products. Including the 2-in-1 perfecting scrub, the make-up remover, the toner, as well as a CC cream (in light or medium). Yippee! Here’s what you have to do to win:

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The winner will be randomly picked next Monday, August 29th and contacted by DM on Instagram. Hope you find today’s beauty review helpful and are exciting to enter the giveaway. Wishing you a wonderful week for now! xxx Frederique

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