About my eyebrows

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I hate to brag, but..

I have great eyebrows. I like the color of them, the size, the shape, I like how they make my face look complete and frame my eyes. Yes, I like my eyebrows. So I dedicate this post to them and I do this in collaboration with my friends from Treatwell.

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How to make beautiful eyebrows without looking like a clown?

1. Brush 
First things first. Grab a ‘brow brush’ or a little hair brush and comb your eyebrow hairs upwards, to see where you can start trimming. 

2. Trim
Use scissors to cut of hairs that have been growing a little too long. I like to do this every other week. 

3. / 4. Pluck
Then get in with your tweezers. I like to do this every other week as well. I start off with the excess hairs above both eyebrows and then decide on which hairs under my brows are unnecessary. I don’t like to remove too much, cause I personally love a brow that is not a super tight line. This allows for a natural effect.

5. / 6. Shape
Let’s het shaping guys! Your eyebrows start at the same point as the inside of your eyelid. So if you take a pencil (or thin object) holding it vertically in line with your eye, you know from where you can start shaping and drawing. It is the same on each side. This trick is also done for the end of your eyebrow. Instead of holding the pencil vertically, hold it on an angle from the outside of your nostril to the outside of your eye. Follow it through to show where the eyebrow should end.

7. Fill in
Pick a light shade eyebrow pencil or color and carefully draw along the bottom of the brow. Do the same making your way to the top of the brow. This determines the shape. If you make a mistake, it is easily removed. If you wish, you can now use a darker shade to go over the light colored brow line. If you are blonde, choose a color that’s about two shades darker. Brunettes choose two shades lighter. The shape of the eyebrow is now in place. I use this eyebrow kit from Guerlain. It’s really easy to apply, comes with three different colors, stays on like forever and lasts forever too.

8. Gel
And then it’s about time to get going with your transparent gel. A transparant will keep your eyebrows in place and looking perfect all day. I just use an ordinary one from Hema.

9. Highlight 
Last but not least, I always take a few seconds to highlight. You can use any light powder or concealer (if applied thinly), but I like to use the little highlighting color from my Guerlain brow kit. Just go above and below the eyebrow, following closely the line of your arch.

And your done! Perfection within a minute. What’s your eyebrow routine, loves?

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