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BAM! Day 3 of my PFW SS’17 experience is already a wrap. Time flies by like crazy. Kind of like how fast the wind was blowing under my skirt in my latest picture. #lol While I’m spending the evening working on e-mails, Instagram, upcoming collaborations, you name it, and I still have a ton to do.. I’ve noticed I’m one day behind on the blog. BOOH, BOOH, Frederique! So here’s an update. You may have seen bits and bops on my IG already – or on Stories or Snapchat, where I try to give you a peek behind PFW scenes every day. But I can’t rest my case without sharing more footage here. I’ve started my day yesterday with a coffee in this utterly cute coffee place in Bastille which I found by accident really. Those unplanned things are the best. After getting my daily caffeine shot, I took the metro to Rue Buffon to go see the Christian Wijnants show. Without any proper internet connection on the Parisian streets it was quite a struggle to find the right place. Glad I had an angle on my shoulder and I have no shame of walking with a huge map in my hands. Look at my personal highlights of the Christian Wijnants show below and let me know what you think. After the show I met up with my fellow blogger babes Iris and Carmen, and we’ve went shooting directly afterwards. A blogger’s gotta do what a blogger’s gotta do. Although the location of big shows are kept secret until pretty much the start of it, we thought we knew where in town Dior would be: Place Vendôme. Yes, we thought we knew.. When arrived there however, we noticed we needed to go somewhere else. Haha! Instagram updates from big bloggers like Song of Style, made us realize we needed to go to Musée Rodin. #fail So we took a cab and went straight to Rodin. Just a little late. But hej, as the French would say: we got there on time. Or let’s say fashionably late. Obviously, we didn’t had an invitation or whatsoever, but just standing there and looking at all these people coming out, really made my day! So much inspiration, so many creative people, absolutely loved it. I wish I would have taken pictures. But oh well, you can’t have nor do it all. Right?! We’ll talk again soon, lovelies. Bye for now and lots of bisous from me in my room in Paris. 💕












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