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OUI! OUI! 🙋🏼 Goodmorning from Paris! Paris is also known as the ‘City of Light’ due to being a place of enlightenment back in the days of the 18th century. During this age of enlightenment, Paris became the center of education, philosophy and learning. Nowadays, especially for a young lady with a specific interest like me, it’s mostly known to be the heart of global fashion. Paris is one of the big four of the world – i.e. New York, London, Milan and Paris. Unlike New York Fashion Week for instance, Paris Fashion Week has however long been code for the chic. The last couple of years things do have changed quite a bit and I’ve noticed they’re still moving. Even though Paris is still known as the most difficult cities to get invitations from, a fresh wind is still blowing into the city of Saint Laurent, Dior, Vuitton and Chanel as we speak. New, highly talented designers from all around the world are showing up in Paris for their grande debut, and more and more shows, events, et cetera are happening off schedule too. Just before Christian Dior, I’ll be attending the SS’17 of Christian Wijnants today. What’s in the name, right? Christian Wijnants is one of the Dutch designers showing in Paris. I’ve been in love with is designs for the past couple of seasons, so I’m super excited what to expect this Spring/Summer. Yesterday, I hopped straight out of my Thalys to the showroom of Avelon here in Le Marais. Avelon – a.k.a. Erik Frenken – is another Dutch designer, also massively talented. He opened Berlin Fashion Week this year, but is now showing his designs in Paris for press and buyers. Let me show you what his designs looks like, then I’ll update you on Christian Wijnants collection real soon, most likely tomorrow. Follow me along on Snapchat/Instagram for more.

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Avelon Le Marais showroom

Avelon SS'17

Avelon SS'17 collection

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