Pop-up store: Meuq

pop up store Meuq

‘Send shoes. Get money.
Buy shoes. Get sustainable.’ – Meuq.nl

With all of the different places us girls can shop for shoes, why should you choose to spend your hard earned coins on shoes that are vintage? Well, there are lots of reasons to do so. Think of the positive environmental impact of buying yourself second-hand shoes, the history those shoes have, but also think of their uniqueness. Oh, and in case you’ve got visions of your grandmother in her rocking chair, vintage doesn’t have to mean ‘old’. The fashion world is a circle where everything old becomes new again. Because of this, vintage is versatile. It can be up to the minute fresh if you so choose, it’s all in how you wear it. So there you have it. There are plenty of reasons to buy more vintage. And I want to present to you guys today a place where you can both buy and sell vintage shoes: Meuq. Meuq is an online second-hand shoe dealer that offers quality shoes at a fair price. You might already have heard of it, since I’m a big fan of Meuq. It’s just so easy to send in your second-hand shoes and get your money, without all the hassle, since Froukje (the founder of Meuq) will take care of everything. Same goes for buying yourself some vintage shoes, you just go to Meuq.nl, find your new favorites, and get them shipped to you right away. Easy as that. The exciting news is that Meuq is about to open their first real store this Saturday. It’s a pop-up store, so you better hurry up to see what it looks like and of course getting yourself some brand ‘new’ shoes! Last weekend I already took a little look to see what the Meuq pop-up store looks like. And oh my gosh, it’s just so pretty, so unique and the location – Lola Loud, this new pop up mall – is just superb. I’m about to give you an impression of what Lola Luid and Meuq looks like. But before I leave, I want to invite you all to Froukje’s opening of Meuq’s pop-up store in Lola Luid this Saturday (12th of March, 12 am – 7 pm). You can find more info here and I’d happy to hear from you guys if you’re planning on going! Happy weekend for now!

First, an impression of where Meuq is located..

Then, what the pop-up store looks like..

And of course, I’ve been trying on quite some shoes. Take a look below..

Which ones would you get?

The Meuq pop-up store opens this Saturday, 12 March. Come over to celebrate it! Find more info here

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