Looking all fancy

All fancy - Scheepvaartmuseum

.. and romancy.

Well hello! This was me during the official launch of the House of Eléonore jewelry label last week. You might have read about House of Eléonore on FAB le Frique before. It’s a luxury brand that creates exquisite sustainable diamond jewels. This label is supported by Royal Asscher, a leading diamond company that has been owned by an Amsterdam family for over 160 years – I mean, that’s a long time! The special thing about House of Eléonore is that it designs one of a kind pieces of jewelry using man-made – and thus sustainable and non-blood – diamonds and fair trade materials only. How cool is that, right? Well, I was invited to celebrate their launch (location: Het Scheepvaartmuseum in Amsterdam) and thought it was about the perfect opportunity to dress up all classy and sassy. Actually it was the very first time I got to excellent occasion to wear my beautiful Dorhout Mees dress. So tell me, what do you think of? 🙂 Happy Thursday lovelies!

All fancy - Scheepvaartmuseum

Dress – Dorhout Mees
Shoes – Donna Più

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Thanks House of Eléonore for inviting me and thank you dear Aygin for these beautiful images!

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