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Somewhere between two to three weeks ago, I was invited by LolaLiza to come and join the official opening of their one and only Dutch flagship store in the beautiful city heart of Utrecht. Of course I had to say YES: Utrecht, fashion, friends and fun; sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Together with my girl Daphne I headed to Utrecht last Tuesday and what a great evening it was! If you don’t know LolaLiza, it’s an 100% Belgian family-owned fashion chain that offers a broad collection divided into five different lines: City, Casual, In The Mix, Studio L and Zoë Loveborn & Princess Zoë. The City line is more of a chic and elegant one, the Casual one is more laidback and sporty, yet trendy, and the In The Mix line holds items that tick both boxes; feminine and comfort. Then, unique within the LolaLiza collection is Studio L, a line of fashionable and glamorous items that is exclusively available in sizes 42 to 52. And finally, Zoë Loveborn & Princess Zoë offer colorful, playful items with a retro touch for both mother and daughter. In short, all beautiful lines in which pure craftsmanship is combined with colorful and distinctive designs. So when looking into their fall/winter collection 2015-2016, I’ve spotted quite some warm colors like camel, burgundy and rust in combination with ocher yellow, gold and soft yellows. Also winter pastel colors ranging from light blue to a wide range of pink shades, often combined with off white, are a fave this season. Overall – I have to say – I was pretty impressed by the beauty of the brand and their current collection. Great quality, lovely designs and great prices as well. If you’re in Utrecht, you should definitely visit their store and have a little chat with the people there. I’m sure you’ll like it as much as I do. Happy Friday for now loves!

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