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Life is aussome! A helicopter flight wasn’t something I’ve ever expected to do for the blog. Yet this came true when I was one of the lucky attendants of Aussie’s ‘Find your Aussome’ event last month. Without even having the slightest clue of what we were going to do that one day, Aussie invited me to join them for an ‘aussome’ day and of course I said YES. Out of all hair care brands, my love for Aussie is one of the most intensive love affairs. All bottles I’ve tried so far gave me beautiful flawless locks for many, many days in a row. Plus the sensational smell is just something you can’t stop thinking about. None of the shampoos I’ve ever used – and the list of those is incredibly long you guys! – smells as good as Aussie does. So besides your hair, your nose will also thank you for using it. Back to the actual aussome experience I’ve had on March 24th. It all started around lunch time, when we were awaited by Aussie’s staff and this oldskool Greyhound bus you see below. Our driver took us for a ride with this old fella and yet we didn’t have a clue of where we were heading to. In about twenty minutes we arrived at a farm nearby Amsterdam. We got ourselves some farm boots and went straight in the land to discover what we were going to do. Two helicopters plus two very (VERY) handsome pilots were waiting for us to have our little ‘WHUT?!’ moment. Nobody expected this to happen, a private helicopter flight with Aussie. Like: seriously?! Back in the farm house, where the scenery was just too Instagram perfect, we got a presentation about Aussie, their hair philosophy and their delightful products. We had a drink or two and afterwards it was about time to go for a ride up in the air. It was my first helicopter flight ever and oh what an experience it was! It’s totally different from a flight on an air plane, you can see and feel so much more. Of course I was in for a little ‘AAH’ and ‘OOH’, I bet the pilot next to me was giggling big time! 😉 Thanks for this incredible experience Aussie, on to many more beautiful collaborations to come!

#FindYourAussome #FindYourAussome#FindYourAussome



PH: FAB le Frique and Aussie. Video: Aussie.

Here’s what it looked like in 30 seconds..

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