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Hello pretty ladies! How was your Friday? I’m always super motived to get a shitload of work done on Fridays, cause I want to spend my weekend with my boy and not with my blog. He told me he’s in desperate need of spending some time together again. And yes, I miss him too. Even though we call every single day, we’ve not been seeing each other for over 1,5 weeks now. I mean – HELLO – that’s a looooong time! I’m definitely looking forward lounging in together from tomorrow on, cooking together and doing all of those things happy couples do you know. I’m such a home bird when I’m with him. But I love it and he makes me love myself even more for being that way. Anyway, before dedicating this entire post to my boyfriend, let’s share something else with you guys today. As you might have noticed I went to Lief Festival with CB12 last weekend, and that’s what this post is supposed to be about! It was a pretty horrible day in terms of temperature, wind and chance of rain. Normally I’m always super busy planning my outfits for parties and festivals beforehand you know, just to make sure I will not run into an outfit-crisis on the day itself, but yeah.. last Saturday the terrible weather made me having an outfit crisis anyway.


My solution: go for layering. So I went for my trusty Rough Rugs parka coat, faux leather trousers, a knit jumper from Pepe’s new collection and a pair of thrifted ankle booties. I just love this parka coat, I really can’t get enough of the color, absolutely perfect for fall. Same goes for the trousers, it took me super long to find great faux leather trousers but I’ve been loving these from the moment I bought them in Milan three years ago. All ready and set, I packed my bag and went to Amsterdam.

P1320936 P1320935

When in Amsterdam, it was time to meet up with my festival buddies Claire and Tess! We met in Nacional for a cup of tea and then went to Leidseplein to catch our ride to Utrecht: a limousine. Yup, a limo was arranged for us three. Plus champagne. Plus great beats. Plussss lots of CB12 goodies to get that first class breath you need when you’re about to go partying.

P1320939 P1320940 P1320941 P1320945 P1320948 P1320953 P1320958 P1320961 P1320962 P1320963 P1320967 P1320966

At 3 PM we were a little tipsy but suuuper ready to hit Lief Festival to get our hips shaking in front of the main stage. Besides numerous venues, cute seating areas near the waterfront, bars and eateries, Lief had a ‘refreshment boot’ this year. The idea: a refreshing moment in between partying to get a fresh breath. The boot was equipped with mirrors, mouthwash and chewing gums. Just perfect! I mean, in case you run into a hottie, or in case you just want to do a little make-up or hair check. Who wants to be doing that in a festival toilet?

P1320978IMG_2617P1320982 P1320980 P1320979

Right before we were all ready to hit the stages again, we had the chance to shoot some ‘pretty’ pictures in the CB12 photo boot. Hell yeah, of course we said yes.

P1320984 P1320988 P1320985

Yeah, you see: best pictures ever. After the photo boot we’ve past the various stages while the sun was out again (YAY!). What a delightful afternoon it was. Had so much fun with Claire and Tess. Oh, and with these creepy guys behind us.. 😛

lief festival 2015P1330006P1330013 P1330024 P1330018 P1330017 P1330015P1330026 P1330033 P1330031 P1330030 P1330028 P1330027IMG_2616

What a day it was! When our legs were all sore from dancing, our driver Rob was ready to pick is up and we went back to Amsterdam again. In the limo of course. Gosh, I could totally get used to that. Thanks Rob!  And thank you CB12 for making this grey Saturday turn out into a super sunny and exciting one. I’ve had a blast!

IMG_2615PH: FAB le Frique and Tessed.

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