New in: High top Calvin Klein sneakers

high top Calvin Klein sneakers

One of those days. On which you don’t feel like dressing up. Or don’t even feel like getting dressed. That hardly ever happens to me – uh #lol – but rarely it does. What I wear on one of those days? A great jean, a white tee and a good old black choker. Plus a pair of trainers, cause I just can’t leave the house without on these casual days. Lately I’ve been obsessing about these high tops from Calvin Klein I purchased at Omoda. So nineties, so Chiara Ferragni, love them! What is your staple look on a casual day?

high top Calvin Klein sneakers

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  • Laura Vonk

    Tof! Precies Chiara ja. 🙂

  • Heel mooi

  • Stephanie Hartley

    These are amazing! I love how comfortable yet chic they look. I SO need to get my hands on them!

    Steph –

    • Go ahead and buy them! I’m sure you’ll not regret it! 🙂

  • Joy

    Oh yes, very Chiara. Love it!

  • Supermooi zijn ze!