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If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been on the skin care kick over the past several weeks. I purchased quite a few new all-natural and semi-natural, high quality skin care stuffies and I’m happy I took the time – plus the money – to do so! I discovered my hands and lips love nearly all the balms from L’Occitane (and the smell is just too good to be true!), my face soaks up the Lait-Crème Concentré from Embryolisse like crazy, and skin is currently having a serious VA-VA-VOOM due to using the Advent ampoule treatment I got from Babor (seriously: TRY THIS!). Besides these new discoveries, I also want to recommend another brand to you guys today. And that’s Kiehl’s. If you’re American or British, you might already are familiar with this brand, but if you’re Dutch you might not. Mister Kiehl’s originally was a pharmacist with a passion for botany and nowadays Kiehl’s is a lifestyle skincare brand with a focus on honest and natural products. The pharmaceutical expertise still plays a large role and that is reflected in the special product lines they have and the personal in-stores ‘skin consults’ you get when you enter a Kiehl’s store.

Kiehl's skin consult Kiehl's skin consult Kiehl's skin consult Kiehl's skin consult Kiehl's skin consult Kiehl's skin consult Kiehl's skin consult Kiehl's skin consult Kiehl's skin consult Kiehl's skin consult Kiehl's skin consult

I got my skin consult in their store on the Kalverstraat 94 in Amsterdam. And guess what?! After months of incredibly dry skin due to different medicine, my skin’s hydration level finally started recovering by itself. So incredibly happy with that! To keep my skin moisturized in the future, I got a bunch of hydrating products that’ll for sure not clog my pores. I was helped by the lovely knowledgeable Moniek, one of the skin consultants of Kiehl’s Kalverstraat. Again, everyone who comes to Kiehl’s and is new to the Kiehl’s family will get a skin consult from Moniek or one of her worldwide colleagues. Take a look below on the products Moniek and I found best for my skin. I got to try all items during the consultation, which was SO HELPFUL really!  I just have a major fear of purchasing new skin products without being able to try it, to smell it, to feel it, to … ah you get my point. I just hate that. How about you?

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I have to say that Moniek’s recommendations were very helpful! She didn’t push me to purchase any products that would be harsh for my sensitive skin or would be unnecessary in any other way. Everything I got really did felt – and still feels, now I’m using the products – as a proper match! As you can see, Moniek wrote down all of her recommendations on a handy dandy form and told me I could come back anytime when some products were not in line with my needs or desires. What a service that is, right? Well, you can experience it yourself at Kiehl’s. Just visit their store, you don’t have to make an appointment or so, just go and get yourself educated on your skin. Trust me, your skin will thank you for taking the time and investment to do so. 🙂

If you have any questions or anything to say really, just let me know below. Happy Holidays ladies!

You can get the products I purchased here if you wish:

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