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Keune True Beauty Hair Show 2016

True beauty. What’s your definition of true beauty? To me, true beauty is not about appearances. True beauty comes from the inside. The more you show who you are, the more beautiful you will be. This also goes for a person’s hairstyle. It’s crucial that your hair embraces your personal preferences, your characteristics and your general outlook on life. To create that perfect hairstyle, it’s really important to look at a person’s personality and unique features. In that manner, the relationship between a hairdresser and a client is crucial too, since your hairdresser must take a close look who you are and what will suit you best based on your inside. Cause again, beauty comes from within.

Identity. Since finding true beauty is all about identity, the theme of this years’ Keune International hair show was ‘Identity’. This grand hair show took place in ‘De Gashouder’ in Amsterdam yesterday (April 17) and I was one of the lucky influencers receiving an invite last week! Of course I had to say yes and I am happy I did. All important hair trends were presented to over 2000 hairdressers from around the world and even the well-known and incredibly talented hair stylist Ilham Mestour was present. You might know Ilham from her work for magazines and her famous clientele, including Maxima, Doutzen, Naomi Campbell and miss Kate Moss. Her work is incredibly, trust me. During the show yesterday, she gave us a live demo of how she works with one of her clients: Valentijn de Hingh. Which was pretty impressive to see! Besides that one moment between Ilhalm Mestour and Valentijn, there were many more impressive moments yesterday. And of course I’m hereby presenting you guys the pictures of what it all looked like. Funny side note: my boyfriend was there as my +1 and guess what?! He quite liked it! If I could only show an image of him enjoying this show as a total no-no when it comes to fashion and hairstyle. 😉 One day, oh one day.. #photogoals

Keune Hair show 2016














china inspired outfit


Have a nice evening, ladies!

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