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ImPerfect Esprit December

Hi girls! Happy new week! It’s December, time flies so fast! Especially during this time of the year I am always struggling what to wear. It’s definitely getting colder outside but it’s not winter everyday yet. Guess it’s always the choice between dressing too cold or too warm these days. You get me? To me, the best way to solve that problem is layering. Obviousl, you can think of visible layers, but let’s not forget those invisible ones such as thermo shirts and hidden turtlenecks. I love wearing the hidden ones these days, cause they make me able to wear cool statement jackets like the one I’m wearing today. This faux leather baby is from Esprit and I think it has the cutest patches. A couple of weeks ago I told you about the #ImPerfect campaign from Esprit. Do you remember? In case you’ve missed it, the campaign is all about the message that you’re perfect just the way you are. What I like most about that message is that it aims to empower you to love your little imperfections cause these imperfections are what make you perfect. At the same time, the #ImPerfect message is also an invitation to anyone to experiment with fashion. I’m wearing this super comfy grey ensemble, which together with the cool jacket makes me feel on top of the world. Stylish and playful, yet comfy and casual. Love that! How about you? Yay or nay?

let me know!

Wearing: faux leather jacket with patches – Esprit, trousers – Esprit, top – Esprit, booties – Mango (old collection)

ImPerfect EspritImPerfect Esprit December Popcorn

This post was created in collaboration with Esprit.xoxo Frederique

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