Today’s inspiration: How to style a maxi skirt?

how to style maxi skirt

A staple of spring and summertime is the carefree and flowing maxi skirt. When maxi skirts first came back into style a few years ago, it took a while for certain people to adopt the trend. In particular, shorter women didn’t think that they could ‘pull off’ the maxi skirt trend. However, they’re now realizing that a maxi skirt is not only an easy outfit option, but it’s also very versatile and flattering for many body types. There are all kinds of ways you can wear a maxi skirt, depending on your personal style and the occasion. As for today, I wanted to sum up multiple ways to make a maxi work for you, no matter what type of fashion suits your fancy.

Crop top and sandals

A lot of maxi skirts are designed to reach higher than the hips, making great use of the high-waist trend seen with pants and shorts. High-waisted bottoms are generally flattering because they smooth over the tummy, making the wearer feel more covered and not too exposed. To balance out this shape, wear a loose crop top and a flat pair of sandals (like here). This look is very casual but also elongates your legs, so it looks great on many body types.

Sneakers and a bomber jacket

If you’ve got the basics of maxi skirt styling down pat, the next step is to pair it with some less conventional pieces. Some of my favorites are bomber jackets and trainers. They make it a very sporty “athleisure” style that many people don’t think they can pull off with a long skirt. Sneakers with a long skirt may not seem ideal at first, but once you see how other people do it (like those on this site), you’ll realize how cool and chic it looks. Top off the look with a bomber jacket (and a simple shirt underneath, of course), and you’ve got a very stylish ensemble.

A button-down or belt

Although maxis are great for relaxed style, you can also choose to polish the look with a collared button-down. A structured shirt will bring more shape and a smarter style to the long skirt—just make sure your maxi is the right material. If it’s too casual, it won’t match-up correctly. Instead, find one that has more poise to it so that it goes with the refined appearance of a button-down (like seen here). And when you need an accessory to pull it all together, a well-chosen belt can go a long way! Whether you want to draw attention to your waist or just need a little something extra, a belt is your best friend.

There are all kinds of ways to dress maxi skirts up or down, it just depends on how risky you are with your fashion! The best thing about maxi skirts is that they have endless outfit possibilities, so don’t be afraid to experiment with some wacky looks. You never know how they will look until you try for yourself! Happy weekend for now, we’ll talk again soon! There’s a PMD review coming up for you soon, which you might have spotted on my IG already. xx Fre

how to style maxi skirt

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