How is my puppy Popcorn doing?

Popcorn, the Weimaraner longhaired puppy

Some of you guys have been asking me lately how my Weimaraner puppy Popcorn is doing. It makes me so happy to hear you guys are interested in what’s going on in my life besides outfits and new skincare. Back in the days I’ve started my blog, I could have never hoped for this many people to actually read what my blog posts and to feel this attached to you guys. It’s similar to the way I feel attached to friends really. Thank you all for following along the way! But before I get into the ‘rambling off-topic’ modus too much, let’s get back to Popcorn. When writing this post, she’s laying right next to me on the sofa, knocked out after an exhausting walk in a local forest. As we speak she actually already doubled or tripled in size. I mean, can you believe how little she was when we got her? I keep on forgetting myself! When walking the streets of Leiden, Amsterdam or anywhere else really, she gets a lot of attention from strangers. It’s lovely to see that other people instantly fall in love with her, but if you’re in a hurry to go somewhere it can be quite frustrating to stop every two to three minutes. 😉 The fun thing – if you follow me on Snapchat you already know – is that Popcorn gets to go to lots of meetings and fashion events with me. She’s the best buddy to take with you honestly, being all patient, silent and adorable of course. Let’s keep our fingers crossed she’ll act like this throughout the years and she’ll not have any signs of puberty. 😉 Haha, I’m sure she will however. Curious to see what she’ll – mentally and physically – be and look like within a month or two. I’ll keep you updated and meanwhile, follow along on Snapchat if you wish. Also for fashion updates and exciting events of course. 😉 For instance a visit I’ve planned with a friend to Designer Outlet Roermond tomorrow. Can’t wait to go to my favorite place to score high-end items again! Yippee! Happy day, lovelies! xx Fre

Weimaraner puppy

Popcorn, the Weimaraner longhaired puppy

Popcorn, the Weimaraner longhaired puppy

Popcorn, the Weimaraner longhaired puppy


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  • Laura Vonk

    Wat een über cute ding zeg! Mooie fototjes. X

  • Zo en originele naam haha! Echt geweldig!

    love, Turn it inside out

  • Wat een schatje is het!

  • Joy

    Echt een cutie! Super handig dat ze overal mee naar toe kan. Dat was ook de bedoeling van die van mij, maar hij is veels te groot, lomp en energiek.
    De aandacht ken ik wel. Ik hoor altijd wel wat over mijn hondje. vorige keer was iemand uit zijn auto gestapt om te vragen wat voor een hond ik had!!


    • Joy

      ik add je ook even op snap. leuk!