House of Eléonore

House of Eléonore

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Today I am SUPER excited to share one of my first big projects of 2016 with you, in which I’m wearing the gorgeous jewelry of House of Eléonore. You might have read about House of Eléonore on FAB le Frique before. It’s a luxury brand that creates exquisite sustainable diamond jewels and is supported by Royal Asscher, a leading diamond company that has been owned by an Amsterdam family for over 160 years. What’s different about House of Eléonore is that this Dutch jewelry start-up truly stands for building a transparent, ethical and sustainable supply chain for their jewelry. They are specialized in combining FairTrade gold with non-mined diamonds and offer you the possibility to customize your jewels, making it really personal. Their aim is to provide fine jewelry to a broader audience, as opposed to the lucky few. How cool is that, right? Well, I teamed up with House of Eléonore to show you how I style two of their pretty pieces: the Bird of Paradise Earring and the Orchid Bangle – which will launch on their website very soon! So tell me, do you like what you see?! 🙂

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What I’m wearing:

– Tailored trousers: TOPSHOP
– Jumpsuit: TOPSHOP


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