Vegan recipe: green smoothie with avocado and dandelion salad

green smoothie with avocado

This green smoothie with avocado and dandelion salad has everything you wish for when you’re craving a smoothie. It’s healthy, sweet – but not too sweet – and really easy to make. I literally threw it together in 5 minutes. It took almost the same time to boil a bit of water for a cup of tea. As always, don’t forget to use your imagination, you could easily use spinach or kale instead of dandelion salad. Some oats,  chia seeds and/or strawberries as an extra would be great too. The latter ones will however make your  smoothie a little less vibrant green, but who cares if it tastes good, right? 😉

ripe banana


green smoothie avocado

Green smoothie with avocado and dandelion salad – serves one
1 large ripe banana (it’s ripe when it has spots on it)
150 ml of plant-based milk or coco water (I’ve used almond milk)
1/2 avocado, sliced
1/4 cucumber
200 grams of dandelion salad (for you Dutchies: ‘veldsla’)
juice of 1 lemon and a bit of agave nectar (‘agavesiroop’), to taste 

– start off by cutting the banana in slices and blend it together with the avocado, the cucumber and the dandelion salad until it’s pretty smooth
– then add in the plant-based milk or coco water and blend it thoroughly until it’s completely smooth. You don’t want any lumps in your smoothie
– add the final bit of deliciousness: a bit of agave nectar and some lemon juice, and enjoy!

Have a great weekend, sweeties!


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