Flared jeans & Keds

light blue flared jeans Esprit

Flared jeans.

How to wear flared jeans? Often people ask me how to wear flared jeans. I can truly understand where that question comes from, cause it can be oh-so daunting to style them at first, I know.. I would say the key is to simplify the rest of your look. Look for colors, fabrics and silhouettes that are not too overwhelming to put on top of your flares. This makes it less risky to go wrong with flares. Thus, I opted for black on top and a sneaker in the same color frame as my flared jeans. This makes the outfit look relaxed and put together. If you’re not too blessed with your legs in terms of legs, then go for a heel underneath your jean and look for a top that accentuates your waist. A black cropped turtleneck would be perfect for that or go for a silky blouse and tuck it in your jeans a little.

flared jeans - how to wear


light blue flared jeans Esprit flared jeans Esprit silver ear cuff Sotine flares Esprit blue Keds sneakers Spring Summer 2016 Blue sneakers Keds silver ear cuff Sotine Amsterdam black choker, moon shaped silver Keds sneaker light blue Cluse Amsterdam black watch

How do you wear your flared jeans?

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