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sea shell earrings

Lately I’ve rediscovered an old favorite of mine, The Etsy platform offers you a massive amount of unique pieces from all over the world. Mainly handcrafted items, but also cool vintage pieces. Think of jewelry, clothing, beauty products, stationery, tablewear, and even handmade furniture. Etsy has it all. Whether you’re looking for a customized breakfast plate, a vintage designer bag, or some handmade jewelry to give to a friend; Etsy is there to help you find it. As for myself, I’ve been looking for some unique earrings made out of sea shells for the longest time. I’ve spotted them on the catwalk some time ago and from then on they’ve been stuck in my head. Guess where I found them? On Etsy (here)! Do you like them? I do! #surpriseSuch a good find and I love the fact that you can’t find them in any regular store. I also ordered some other earrings (these ones and these), a marble clay tray, a cool handcrafted wooden bowl and a heart-printed dog collar for Popcorn. Which Etsy item I’ve got is your favorite?

let me know!

handmade earrings EtsyFind it on Etsyhandmade earringscute dog collar

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xoxo Frederique

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