Festive jewellery

festive jewellery

A few weeks ago I was asked a few questions about jewellery, in particular festive jewellery. Although this article never got published due to the client I’ve worked with, I do think it’s fun to share it here with you. I hope it’s helpful too and I’d love to hear your thoughts on jewellery as well. How would you describe your style in general? And do you like to wear more outgoing pieces during the festive season? Or are you more into keeping it simple anyway?

Let me know!

festive jewellery

  • What does jewellery mean to you? How can it transform an outfit?

To me good jewellery is like the cherry on the pie when it comes to styling. I always tell people to look into customizing their day-to-day outfits with jewellery. When you think you have nothing to wear, please don’t go to your nearest store to buy new clothing. Pick out some of your go-to outfits and vamp those up with jewellery. Go for either a necklace, a bunch of rings, a pair of nice earrings, and see what works for you and works for your look. Even the most boring looks can be transformed with the help of a few key jewellery items.

  • What’s your usual style when it comes to jewellery? Do you change it up depending on the outfit/occasion?

My usual style would be simple, yet elegant and interesting. I love to experiment with different kind of materials and designs. For instance, I know that gold looks very good on my slightly warmer skin tone, but I do like to take a look on the silver side too. With certain colors of clothing and heavier make-up, silver does actually look very different and cool on me. And yes, I always pick my jewellery after I’ve looked into my agenda and see what I’m planning on doing that day. Sometimes I even bring more pieces so that I can transform a day look into a more night appropriate ensemble. Think of a glittery choker or a pair of pearled earrings.

  • What’s your favorite jewellery right now?

Well, tt the moment I’m all into earrings. The more the better. I do tend to switch them up every day, according to what I’m doing and what I feel like. Change is always good, so I even change them up when I think I’ve already found the perfect ear party. Also I’m all into shiny chokers and statement necklaces at the moment, I think they look so good when worn over a big sweater or chunky knitwear.

  • What are your jewellery go-tos for Christmas?

I would say: elegant bling and pearls. Christmas is a time when it’s perfect to wear a little black dress (also known as the LBD). To bring that LBD to the next level, good jewellery is key. You can really bring more festivity into your look with a good shiny necklace or a stunning pearl here and there. Don’t overdo it however, to me less is always more.

  • Why is Christmas a good time to experiment with statement jewellery?

As I said, Christmas might be the time that you wear your perfect black ensembles. Black ensembles can be very good and I’m a huge fan of those for the festive season, however, they can be a little obvious. So you need a little extra to get that unforgettable look during Christmas. Statement jewellery is excellent for that. People will then look at the total look, including the jewellery and see you’ve put extra effort into your appearance. Especially during Christmas that’s highly appreciated by everyone. So just dare to wear those statement pieces and vamp up your black outfit.

  • Do you have any rules when it comes to pairing jewellery together? E.g. don’t wear a big necklace at the same time as big rings?

Yes I do, but they’re not strict at all and I do like to experiment with ‘no-go’s’ every now and then. That means, most times I would opt for a big necklace and a small earring, since that’s safe and works well every time. But I would totally do multiple big pieces from time to time. Again, it depends on the outfit too. If the outfit is pretty out-there, I would say: don’t do both. Choose a big necklace OR a big earring. If the outfit is a little straight-forward and the colors are very alike or similar, vamp it up with both. Work big on big and just be confident with your decisions. Style is all about your total appearance as a person. Confidence thus is key.

  • How would you accessorise (with jewellery) a simple, low key festive dress?

I would say: make it shine! So add your latest statement jewellery and this will make you look like you’ve put extra effort into your ensemble. So that’s cool!

  • How would you accessorise (with jewellery) a more dramatic outfit, such as a long sleeved, lace dress?

When the drama is in the material, I would still say you can go for a dramatic piece of jewellery. As long as you don’t overdue it. Key is to keep it one or two colors and let the shoes blend in the ensemble as well. You don’t want to look like a clown that randomly picked all dramatic pieces from the.

  • What are your other dos and don’ts when it comes to festive jewellery?

Do’s are: experiment by using a mirror and a friend, keep in mind that less is more, but play around and don’t take it too serious. For don’ts I would just say: overdoing it. Make sure you’re not going all in with a big necklace, a shiny bracelet, ear hoops, and everything, when you’re outfit is already super out there. So make your jewellery and outfit work together. I know you can do this!!

festive jewellery

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