Vegan recipe: Exotic oatmeal with pomegranate

fave oats with pomegranate

Hello wonderful people! It’s time for another recipe post on the blog. This time I’m sharing a breakfast favorite of mine. It’s all about the pomegranate. I remember I’ve first tried this fruit when I was about 8 years old and we were having a holiday in France. At this hotel buffet they were serving all different kinds of tropical, mediterranean and just non-central European fruits. And guess what, I was loving it. My favorites were the lychee, the pomegranate and the kumquat. When I was back home I was taking my mom to all the fruit markets in the area to see if they were selling exotic fruits. Not much has changed by now. I love putting all sorts of tropical fruits into my food. So what’s in this favorite oatmeal  recipe of mine?

INGREDIENTS (just for you):

  • cup of oatmeal
  • coconut milk or almond milk
  • coconut flakes
  • cinnamon
  • 1 pomegranate
  • walnuts
  • pistachos
  • muesli or cruesli


  1. Start off with the oats. I like to make them overnight, since it saves up so much time in the morning. Grab a bowl, maison jar, or whatever you like your oatmeal to be eaten out of. Mix in some plantbased milk and a dash of cinnamon, I’d recommend using coconut milk for an Asian, exotic taste of your oatmeal. The consistency should be quite moist, this will be all good the next morning. Leave it in the fridge overnight.
  2. If you want to prep like a pro, don’t forget to prep your pomegranate the night before as well. Cut it in half and use a wooden spoon to get all the little seeds out. Be patient with it, otherwise you’ll end up with a pomegranate mess all over your kitchen. My boyfriend once even made it to the ceiling, haha.
  3. When the oatmeal has had its time in the fridge, add in the nuts for your daily dose of good fats and sprinkle on as much pomegranate as you like. Then garnish your breakfast with some coconut flakes and a hand ful of muesli/cruesli. I like to use crispy cruesli, for an extra bite. I just buy it at my local grocery store. But you can also make it yourself. Do you want me to write a recipe on that?

let me know!

 oatmeal with pomegranate

xoxo Frederique

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