Daily travel essentials from Brandfield: Ray-Ban & Fjällräven

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If you know me, or follow me, you know that I travel quite a lot from my hometown Leiden to other cities within the country, especially to Amsterdam. Back in the days I started blogging and was recovering from anorexia, I left my house for like a couple times a month. But as we speak, I travel back and forth the big cities almost every day. This could be for 1-0n-1 meetings, photo shoots, events, collaborations; anything really. People always ask me what I’d like to bring with me when I’m out and about for work related things. Well, let me guys tell you!

To start off with, I quite often bring my dog Popcorn with me, especially during the colder days when it’s perfect for her to wait in the car while I’m running errands. She enjoys it a lot to get on the road and see what’s out there. I know it might sound ridiculous that she loves to be in the car when it’s parked too, but as she’s a Weimaraner dog it’s quite common. This breed feels best when they’re around their owners, no matter what they’re doing. So yeah, I quite often bring her with me to appointments and then she sleeps on the drivers seat when I’m away. In between meetings we go for walks or even hikes together. So yeah, Popcorn is probably my ‘biggest’ travel essential on a random day of traveling. Besides her, I always bring treats for me and for her with me. That’s just a habit I got into when I was recovering from my eating disorder. Thus I’m never hungry, cause I hate being hungry – a.k.a. hangry – when I’m out and about. Besides my dog and some food, other daily travel essentials definitely are a good pair of sunglasses, as well as a backpack to put all my belonging in. Lately I’ve been loving my hexicon framed Ray-Ban sunglasses which I got from Brandfield. Within the same order I also got myself this black canvas Fjällräven backpack, which I’ve been loving ever since. It’s incredibly light-weight and just very convenient to take with you. What do you think? And, when writing this, I got curious about your daily essentials. What is it that you always take with you when you’re out and about? I’m curious!

let me know!

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This post is written in collaboration with Brandfield. Brandfield is the perfect webshop for all your stylish essentials. They have a great selection of sunglasses – including big brands like Quay, Ray-Ban and Komono – as well as wallets, watches, bags and other stylish essentials. So definitely take a look around if you’re interested in getting yourself something new.

xoxo Frederique

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  • Laura Vonk

    hoe leuk is je bril!?! mooie foto’s ook en ik moet ook echt meer buiten gaan wandelen eigenlijk.

    • Hi Laura,
      Dankjewel! Hij is zoo fijn ja! Draag hem bijna iedere dag, ook ideaal voor het autorijden. Stylish en doet zijn werk goed!
      x en fijn weekend!