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Let’s go aperitivo


Aperitivo. One of the many things I love about Italy is the concept of aperitivo! You have a glass of wine or prosecco together with your partner, friends or family before dinner, along with some delicious antipasti. Going for an aperitivo is also the perfect occasion to wear that one dress you feel drop-dead sexy in. Which…

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This morning


Buongiorno! Some images of this morning here in La Fossa, near Vetto. Happy Wednesday! Location:  La Fossa, Vetto

vineyards tuscany



Thank God it’s Monday! Let’s get this week started with some images from my weekend, shall we? Gorgeous scenery dominated by vineyards, the perfect nestle for a romantic fairy tale style shoot. Although I’m spending little time in the sun for various reasons, you can see I’m already having a tan going on. Still taking it slow however, listening…


Sexy back


I’m bringing you.. Sexy back. Hope you’ve had a wonderful week so far. Are you looking forward to the weekend? About today’s outfit, I’m not entirely sure if you can actually call it an outfit, since I’m not wearing much you know.. But what I am wearing is enough on its own for…

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Update from Italia


Another life update in images. I’m just dropping in today for a minute, telling you life is all good here in Tuscany. We’re currently staying in this beautiful place in Radicondoli called Il Bel Canto and really, I wish I could stay here forever. Our little apartment with the stunning view from our second…




Life is good! Trying to capture the Italian agriturismo vibes over here is kind of hard. I mean, everything is just too good to capture. You just have to be here! It’s awesome, we are enjoying ourselves big time. And I’m trying to live in the moment as much as I…

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♪ We gonna ring-rang-a-dong for a holiday. Put your arms in the air, let me hear you say ♪ Yay! My boyfriend and I are leaving for Italy today, where we’ll be spending our next two and a half weeks. So I thought this is about the perfect time to show you guys what I’m…

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Eline talks Paris – Part 2


Time to talk Parisian again. Today it’s Eline’s turn again to share her experiences on living in Paris. In her first post on FAB le Frique about this city, she gave you guys a bunch of tips on how to make it easier to move to Paris. In this second article she’s sharing her…

best kept secret festival



No surprise I went to Best Kept Secret Festival yesterday. And if it is, you might get better on following me! Hihi, nooo.. I’m kidding! I totally understand if you drop by on here every now and then instead of every hour. That’s totally fine with me. My webpage is open for you whenever…


Another video for you


Me in 3D again. Remember I won the best upcoming blogger award 2015 the other day? 🙂 I bet you do! Read previous BUBA posts here and here. The event was hosted by Holland’s new secret crush and MTV-host Kay Nambiar and Jolique Möller from ilovefashionbloggers. For all the fashion minded girls and…

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The day before yesterday


A little recap photo diary.  The day before yesterday I was on the haunt for a new apartment – which you might have seen on Snappiechattie – and I was attending the River Island AW15 press presentation later that day. Since I have only 15 minutes left before I’m heading to…

free your mind report 2015



Free Your Mind, baby! In collaboration with The Sting‘s new festival campaign Celebrate Summer I went to Free Your Mind festival yesterday. Great weather, one of my best friends right next to me (aka my sister), amazing location (near the river, there’s even a little beach there!), music (uh, quite obvious…


A day in the life


.. of a fashion blogger. Often I get asked is what it’s like to be a fashion blogger. Well, not one single day looks like the other really, but to give you a better idea what a day could look like, I teamed up with the guys from Cirqle to make a short video….

Marie Claire body issue

Marie Claire, my eating disorder story


My eating disorder story. Well guys, there’s a story I’ve been wanting to tell for quite some time now. And I keep putting it off… About two months ago however I was asked by @marieclaire_nl to share my story in their ‘Inspiring Women’ section and I convinced myself it was about the right…


I Support Sustainable Luxury


I want to introduce you to something new. Although more consumers are becoming aware of the ethical and environmental impacts of the product they’re purchasing, it can be quite daunting – if not impossible – for them to find out if the product they’re about to buy is manufactured in a sustainable…

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Behind the scenes


About yesterday. Hope you’re having a great Tuesday so far. As you might have noticed I was in Amsterdam yesterday. I was there to meet up with Cirqle and the lovely Sarah Wijzenbeek for a video of ‘my life as a blogger’. Even though no day looks the same, it was the purpose of the video to create an…


Eline talks Paris – Part 1


Paris. The city of love, light, art and fashion. Why wouldn’t you want to be Parisian? If you’re not fortunate enough to have been born in Paris, don’t fret cause there’s a new page turner about Parisian women out there: How to be Parisian. Have you heard of it and/or read it? After…


Press days FW 2015


WEEEEKEND! Hope you’re having a wonderful one so far. The day before yesterday (Thursday) I’ve been crossing around in Amsterdam for some press days. I visited three of my favorite PR agencies in the Netherlands: Oona, JAMJAM and UPR. Since they’re all located pretty far from one another, I must have walked for like two hours…


Anouk talks Polyvore


HOW TO: make a collage in Polyvore. Hi readers of FAB le Frique! I’m very happy Frederique gave me this opportunity to write a guest article on her blog! Let me quickly introduce myself to you. My name is Anouk, I’m a student retail business management, I’m currently 21 y/o and I’ve been following…


The answers – part 2


Questions to a fashion blogger, here’s part 2! For those of you who follow me around on my social (diary) pages, know that I joined my sister this morning as she got the keys to her new apartment. It is a massive step for her, since it’s the very first time she bought herself…


The answers – part 1


Questions to a fashion blogger. And answers of a fashion blogger. I know, I know, it took me like forever to answer your questions. Let’s not sugercoat anything here, I’ve been a bad gal, a very bad gal and I should have been answering your questions waaaaay earlier. You guys…


This was: #UPRdigitalseeds


What’s your favorite day of the week? I don’t have a particular favorite day of week. In fact, I love any day when the weather is fine and I have something to look forward too. For me, Sunday is a day to recharge my batteries and prepare myself for the following week….




Two lovebirds. Mister right: Can I confess something to you? Me: Sure! Mister right: You have the prettiest smile I have ever seen. Me: Can I confess something as well? Mister right: Yes. Me: This smile only exists because of you. Yesterday evening I went to Köln in Germany, just for…

sunset Arnhem

Time to relax..


It’s time to do NOTHING. Okay, after writing this post it’s time to do nothing. Have you ever been really busy? I bet you have! Everyone seems to have the disease of what they call ‘busy’ lately. Don’t you think? You: ‘How are you?’. Your friend: ‘Gosh, I’m so busy… I am SO…